Gas prices could continue falling

JONESBORO — Georgia drivers could see gas prices drop another five to 10 cents through September and possibly into October.

“Things are calming down from the summer driving months,” said Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesman. “Historically, we’ve seen prices drop in September.”

Jenkins said there’s a number of factors that could affect Georgia’s gas prices such as hurricanes and the situation in Syria.

“While Syria doesn’t produce oil, countries around it do and anything that goes on there could affect the oil production,” Jenkins said.

The average gas price in Georgia has dropped 20 cents. Jenkins said demand is down and refineries are switching to the cheaper winter-blend gas.

Prices in the state have remained above $3 for more than 960 days. Jenkins said it will likely remain so.

“There’s a potential to drop below $3 but that would be sporadic and short-lived,” he said.

The national average price of unleaded gas is $3.48 per gallon, while Georgia’s is $3.32 per gallon.

According to AAA, the price of oil fell to $104.67 from the Sept. 13 price of $108.21. That was the lowest settlement since Aug. 21 and the biggest weekly drop in three months. The decline is credited to a rise in Libya’s oil production and the diminished threat of military strikes against Syria.

Jenkins said he expects prices will stabilize in October, but drivers could see a rise in prices as the holiday season approaches.

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