County reaches agreement to investigate landfill at proposed Animal Control site

JONESBORO — Clayton County commissioners agreed this week to pay at least $24,000 to have a former landfill removed from the proposed site of the county’s new Animal Control facility.

The county will pay Hogan Construction Group LLC $3,000 per month — for up to three months — to investigate options on how to clean up a landfill discovered at the proposed sites for new Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax-funded Animal Control and fueling station facilities.

It will also pay Silverman Construction Program Management $15,000 to coordinate and manage the cleanup of the site. Silverman will lead a team that includes Hogan, Prime Engineering, Nova Engineering, Pond & Engineering, Building and Maintenance Director Les Markland and Transportation and Development Director Jeff Metarko.

Hogan was hired by the county in January to provide at-risk services for the Animal Control project.

At about the same time, officials discovered their preferred Government Circle site for the facility had previously been used as a landfill. The property would have to be cleaned up and the landfill debris removed before the facility can be built. The new fueling station would be built on Government Circle as well.

“Our scope of work will include the review of environmental site assessment reports, the attendance at up to three meetings with the team to review and discuss potential issues and solutions to abate the impact of the landfill on the fueling station and animal kennel projects, and to provide estimate options for potential solutions developed by the architects and engineers,” Hogan director of preconstruction services Michael Tomlin wrote in a Feb. 14 letter to the county.

County documents show an evaluation of the site and development of possible solutions is expected to take two months and a time table for site clean-up will depend on the solution chosen by the county.