Morrow leaders will discuss Olde Towne, re-organization at work session

MORROW — The failed commercial development that won’t go away will rear its head again in Morrow next week.

The city council is expected to discuss several ongoing issues at its work session Tuesday. Among those items is Olde Towne Morrow, which the city had to close in December 2010 amid a myriad of problems.

Since it closed, the city has been struggling to figure out what it should do with the development which cost millions of tax dollars to build and maintain but only brought in about $10,000 in revenues during the one year that it was open.

The development is one of several issues the council will take up during the work session, which will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Morrow City Hall, 1500 Morrow Road.

The other issues on the work session agenda include AMC Southlake’s request for the council’s blessing to begin serving alcohol. Mayor JB Burke said last month that officials from the movie theater want to take council members on a “research field trip” to see other AMC locations that serve alcohol.

Other items on the agenda include discussion of the upcoming council retreat, reports from departments, a zoning code and city ordinance review and a monthly financial report.

The council will discuss legal bills which are expected to include $1,714.40 to former City Attorney Greg Hecht’s law firm for services provided in February 2014, and $10,038.50 to new City Attorney Steve Fincher’s law firm for services provided in January and February.

The other item on the work session agenda is a re-organization of city departments. The city last re-wrote its organization chart in February 2011. That re-organization of city government saw the city’s economic development and planning department moved from the direct supervision of the city council to being under the city manager. The human resources and grants departments were placed under the supervision of the finance director at that time.

A regular business meeting of the council will follow at 7:30 p.m. The only items on the agenda at that meeting include approval of minutes from previous council meetings and approval to pay the legal bills for Hecht and Fincher.