Gillem board meets ahead of May 2 closing

FOREST PARK — Days before a planned May 2 closing, the Gillem board will meet to complete plans on the purchase of 778 acres inside the former Army base.

Gillem Urban Redevelopment Agency Chairman Frank Brandon announced a called meeting for Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

City council will meet an hour prior to take public comments on the Urban Redevelopment Plan, according to an agenda issued by Mayor David Lockhart.

After public comments are heard on the plan, council is expected to consider a resolution designating an Urban Redevelopment Area and approving an Urban Redevelopment Plan.

Once the plan is approved by council members, the URA board is expected to vote to adopt it at the meeting immediately following the public hearing.

Other new business for URA includes the authorization of Brandon to sign two conflict waivers, a termination fee letter, a fee agreement and Georgia Brownfields eligibility form.

The URA board was formed through appointments by members of city council. In addition to Brandon, who is also city manager, appointees are Lois Wright, Don Wright, Joe Wimberly and Felicia Davis.

City officials have been working toward acquiring Fort Gillem since it was recommended for closure nearly 10 years ago. The first parcel of land, about 778 acres, will transfer May 2. The second, about 400 acres, is expected to transfer in the fall.

The Arm retains a 250-acre enclave that includes a state of the art forensic crime lab.

The meetings are open to the public and held at Forest Park City Hall.