Clayton County expected to abandon Old Riverdale Road

Departure would aid design of new Buddhist temple

RIVERDALE — Clayton County officials are planning to abandon 0.312 acres of roadway in Riverdale that they say residents gave up long ago.

County commissioners voted unanimously this week to publish notices of intent to abandon Old Riverdale Road and cut off public access to the road. The road will cease to exist as the neighboring Trai Rattanaram Temple intends to incorporate the land into its plans for a new temple, county documents show.

“This will allow for a better design for the new temple for worship and also close a section of Old Riverdale Road that is in disrepair,” engineer Michelle Jackam wrote in a Jan. 9 letter to county officials.

The commission will hold a public hearing on abandoning the road May 6 at 7 p.m., at the Board of Commissioners building, 112 Smith St. in Jonesboro. Part of the reason why county officials are seeking to abandon the short road is that most of the land surrounding it is already owned by the temple.

“Currently, the road is providing access to three parcels,” Transportation and Development Director Jeff Metarko wrote in an April 4 request to commissioners. “The two largest parcels are owned by Trai Rattanaram Temple with the third parcel owned by Barc Assets LLC.

“Since Trai Rattanaram owns property on both sides of the road to the end of the county’s right-of-way, there is no value of retaining the road as county property for public use,” he added.

Old Riverdale Road runs between Riverdale Road and Dogwood Lane. However, Dogwood Lane also intersects Riverdale Road. In his letter to commissioners, Metarko said the parcel of land owned by Barc Assets already has driveway access to Dogwood Lane.