Jonesboro on track to hire city clerk

JONESBORO — Mayor Joy Day and the Jonesboro City Council interviewed candidates for the city clerk position during a special meeting this week.

The six applicants, Celene Davenport, Tabitha Crowley, Cheryl Foster, Hydee Griffin, Sylvia Vaugh and Ricky Clark Jr., were chosen from more than 20 applications received by the city.

“We have six good ones,” said Councilman Billy Powell. “What we came up with, I think everyone is going to be happy.”

The council gave Day permission to make an offer to the top candidate.

Jonesboro City Hall has been without a city clerk since January when Janice Truhan left the position.

Council debated the pay for the new clerk but did not settle on a number. The job description stated salary would be commensurate with education or experience.

Truhan’s salary was $55,000 when she left, said Finance Officer Sandra Meyers.

“I think the position itself warrants a certain salary,” said Day. “That’s a lot of responsibility. You get what you pay for.”

There are 22 essential duties and responsibilities and two peripheral duties listed in the job description.

“This is going to be a great move for the city,” said Councilwoman Pat Sebo. “We’ll have someone that’s well-versed in municipal workings and knowledgeable in the area of city clerk.”

A new city clerk is the first of three positions Jonesboro is filling. The city is also planning to hire a city administrator and executive assistant.

In June, council voted to give three City Hall employees a $2,500 bonus for the extra work they are doing as a result of the unfilled positions.

“These people deserve some kind of raise,” Day said during the June meeting. “They have been carrying someone else’s workload for more than a year.”

Day added the three were carrying the load of six employees.

Staff writer Cailin O’Brien contributed to this report.