Some power expected to be restored in Riverdale

RIVERDALE — Georgia Power officials are projecting they will have power back to 3,238 northwest Riverdale customers this afternoon, the company’s outage map website is reporting.

The power is expected to be restored to customers who live in the area around East Fayetteville, Riverdale, Walker and King roads by 3:30 p.m., according to the website. However, much of Riverdale remains without power, and no guarantee for when it will return, at this time.

Key power outages include the lower portion of Walker Road, around the intersection of Bethsaida Road, where Georgia Power is reporting 1,202 customers are without power. There are also reports of about 2,906 customers being without power along in multiple areas along West Fayette Road, East Fayetteville and Kenwood roads. That includes Ga. 138 between West Fayetteville and Ga. 85.

Virtually all of Pointe South Boulevard and Flint River Road, between Ga. 85 and Tara Boulevard, is also listed as being without power.

Jonesboro also has several outages, including 1,232 customers in the area that includes Lake Tara and the Ga. 138 spur between McDonough Street and Tara Boulevard. Another 874 customers are without power in a nearby area that includes Tara Stadium, the Headquarters Library Branch and the Clayton County Board of Health building.

Other areas experiencing major outages at this time include:

• The intersection of Jonesboro and Mt. Zion roads at Southlake Mall.

• Forest Parkway east of Lake City. This area stretches from Joy Lake in the north to Rex Road in the south.

• South Avenue around Starr Park in Forest Park.

• Hendrix Drive south of Conley Road.

• Rock Cut Road between Thurman Road and U.S. 23.

• Double Bridge Road and Railroad Street in Rex.

• Fielder Road between Elliot Road and Bobolink Drive

• Lake Jodeco and Noah’s Ark roads near the county line.

A message on Georgia Power’s outage map website states: “Severe weather has caused wide spread outages. We apologize for any inconvenience and we are working to restore power as quickly as possible.”