School counselors celebrated

Tammy Murphy

Tammy Murphy

REX — Last week was a busy one for counselors at Rex Mill Middle.

Each day, the staff was treated to gifts and meals provided by the school in recognition of National School Counselors Week, Feb. 3-7, sponsored by the American School Counselor Association.

“I hope that counselors all over were celebrated,” said Rex Mill counselor Tammy Murphy, the reigning Counselor of the Year for Clayton County Public Schools.

Murphy said she visited and spoke with some 50 classes on an especially busy Friday.

“Counselors have a very unique job,” she said. “We often get to know students on a different level than teachers. We assist students in overcoming barriers to their education as well as help them make the necessary adjustments to cope with the challenges of life.”

Her days encompass at least a brief interaction with most staff members around the school. She regularly speaks to parents, attends parent conferences and hosts individual counseling sessions, topped off with the mounds of paperwork counselors are asked to attach many of their tasks and duties.

“Like most school personnel, counselors work hard to meet the needs of all stakeholders,” said Murphy. “That’s why some of the staff made sure the week was special for the counselors at Rex Mill. That’s why counselors should be celebrated. But celebrated or not, most of us would do what we do anyway and would not trade it for any other job.”