RENJE: We’re all broken

“‘... cause we all fall short. We all have sinned. But when you let God’s Grace break in … It’s beautiful”Broken and Beautiful by Mark Schultz.

With every day that goes by, I realize that all of us, including you and me, are broken in some way. By broken, I mean we all carry around hurts, wounds, disappointments and insecurities collective of our life’s experiences.

You can’t live in a sin stained, broken world without being affected and becoming unsure or insecure at various points of your life. As a result, we all seek our affirmation and fulfillment from a multitude of sources. In the marketplace of ideas, there’s no shortage of places to find fulfillment and affirmation. From friends to the workplace, to entertainment outlets, to the celebrity industry to the sporting arena to the internet and everything in-between, we can fill that void.

I truly believe biblically, that we all have a void in our heart, a longing in our soul that can only be filled with the Holy Spirit. Try as we might to fill it on our own, we go from temporal happiness to temporal happiness, while not finding any kind of long-standing fulfillment or peace. Even as Christians, we fall into this pattern.

Personally, I’ve covered my insecurity with pride, seeking out success in accolades, awards, as well as human praise in the personal, athletic and business worlds. All of which is temporal and dysfunctional because that pride covers up the real need of finding our security, our peace and our fulfillment through the living water.

For too many of our youth, they seek affirmation and fulfillment from temporal, artificial means, including everything from academic and athletic exploits, praise from their peers to — like I did in my youth — drugs, sex and alcohol, which is a cycle that can perpetuate and reproduce into adulthood.

As an adult leader and mentor, my continued prayer is that my security, fulfillment and affirmation will come solely through the Cross. It’s only there where we can find the healing from the root of our brokenness.

Just as importantly, my prayer is that I will be able to live out — in word and deed — to the students, athletes, teachers and coaches that I have the privilege to minister to, that true peace, true fulfillment and true affirmation comes from drinking from the well where you will never thirst again.

The well of Jesus Christ is the only place where we can find our security — both our eternal security and that peace, passion and purpose that we are all looking for while we are here. It’s an awesome place to be when you let God’s grace break in, realizing that despite your weaknesses, failures, shortcomings and mistakes, you’re beautiful in God’s eyes.

Bill is on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a Deacon at Eagles Landing FBC in McDonough, GA. He lives in Locust Grove with his wife Amy and their three children. You can follow Bill on Facebook or Twitter @billrenje and learn more about him at his website www.achosenbullet.com.