Schools moving to norm after deep freeze

JONESBORO — Workers are wrapping up repairs to broken pipes and over-taxed heating systems in Clayton County Public Schools following the recent cold snap.

Spokeswoman Vicki Gavalas said no schools were delayed or closed after the district re-opened Wednesday. However, she confirmed there were a handful of weather-related issues at schools this week pertaining to burst water pipes and some over-worked heating units.

Gavalas said a broiler temporarily failed at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, but classroom temperatures there remained relatively warm at 67 degrees and above.

Teachers and staff reported back to work Monday after the winter break, but schools and offices were closed district-wide Tuesday due to the extreme cold.

“With the extreme temperatures, we do have to consider the large number of students at the bus stops and students who walk — and our staff as well,” said Gavalas.

She added that an HVAC system for the vocational building at Morrow High School was inoperable Wednesday because copper tubing was stolen from the unit.

The theft affected a few classes who use the space. She said the students who would have taken class in the building were relocated to other unoccupied spaces in the school.

Officials plan to place those students into the school’s modular units until the system can be repaired or replaced.