District 74 Business and Community Day postponed after storm

Valencia Stovall

Valencia Stovall

ATLANTA — Residents who wanted to join state Rep. Valencia Stovall (D-Ellenwood) at the state Capital to celebrate District 74 Business and Community Day on Friday will have to wait a little longer to do so.

On the heels of Winter Storm Leon, Stovall announced she had postponed the final day of her District 74 Week until a later date. She said a new date has not yet been scheduled. Two other planned District 74 Week events on Wednesday and Thursday had been snowed out by the storm, which wrought havoc on metro Atlanta after it arrived Tuesday.

However, while parts of District 74 week were sidelined by this week’s storm, one part that did go on as planned was an appearance by Bishop Paul L. Fortson, pastor of Forest Park-based Paradise Church of God in Christ, as the House of Representatives’ Chaplain of the Day on Friday.

During her introduction of Fortson, Stovall told her fellow legislators that her family has known him for about 27 years, and she acknowledged him as a long-time friend and spiritual advisor.

“When I think of Proverbs 10:22, which says ‘The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it,’ I think of Bishop Paul Fortson,” said Stovall.

Fortson told legislators laws that are administered justly and without discrimination can be good, but he also called on them to show character in their decisions and actions. He said Georgia is a “character state” where traits such as obedience, honesty, truthfulness, generosity and kindness are prized.

“Character is the inward motivation to do right,” he said.

But Fortson also called on legislators to put aside party politics and act in the interests of the state’s residents.

“Over 9.5 million Georgians in 159 counties are looking to you,” said Fortson.

House speaker praises Georgian’s response to Leon

Speaker of the House, Rep. David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge), took time before calling Stovall up to introduce Fortson at the beginning of the legislative day to praise Georgia residents for their perseverance during Winter Storm Leon this week.

The storm shut down roads and local and state governments for several days, leaving some people stranded in vehicles, stores and schools during the first night of storm. Ralston was particularly complimentary of the Georgia National Guard, Georgia State Patrol and local first responders for working to keep residents safe and for working to restore normalcy to the region afterwards.

“As a state, our people have been tested over the last few days,” said Ralston.