‘Hero’ suspect indicted in bus sniper case

JONESBORO — A Hampton man who told police in May 2012 he wanted to be a hero when he thwarted a sniper pointing a rifle at a packed school bus has been indicted in the case.

Codarrius Rayshun Brewer, 22, told Clayton County police he made up the story to be a hero and collect a reward. He has been indicted for making false statements to police, making a false report of a crime, reckless conduct, criminal trespass, discharging a firearm near a highway and obstruction of an officer.

According to warrants issued to police, Brewer told detectives he wanted to make it appear he was a hero and to receive a reward from the governor.

The report of a sniper targeting children sent the Clayton County community into a tailspin in the last few weeks of the 2011-2012 school year. Police officers escorted buses through neighborhoods and some parents pulled their children off them altogether and drove them to school.

In May 2012, Brewer reportedly told police an unknown male sniper pointed a scoped rifle at a school bus with students on board near his Hyde Court home. Brewer allegedly told officers he chased the man, who fired at him before dropping the weapon.

However, warrants allege Brewer planted the rifle before calling police. Although he told police a relative was with him during the alleged incident, police said there was no new information on additional charges or arrests.

Other law enforcement documents show Brewer was listed as a witness to a fire in 2010 and to an arson in 2011.