Jonesboro City Council holds workshop meeting

Job description, security cameras and sanitation services discussed

JONESBORO — City Council took small steps this week to nail down a job description for a new Jonesboro city administrator.

Mayor Joy Day collected four descriptions from the Georgia Municipal Association website for Council to use to help create one for Jonesboro.

“I this this is adequate and I think we can pull together what’s best for the city,” said Councilwoman Pat Sebo.

Camera System

Council also discussed security cameras for Massengale and Battleground parks, City Hall, Jonesboro Police Department and public works offices.

The cost is about $14,024.72.

Day said the cameras would be monitored at City Hall and the police department. She said the cameras would help cut down on vandalism and theft at the parks and provide security.

Jonesboro resident Bill Wells agreed.

“I like to go and sit quietly to read or observe,” Wells said. “Anything you can do to improve our safety and security I’m for.”

Resident Wayne Day echoed Wells’ sentiments.

“I’m for the cameras more than ever,” he said. “We walk our chihuahuas in the evening.”

Council plans to get two more bids for the camera work and will revisit the subject during the August meeting.

Sanitation Services

Also considered during the workshop was the idea of adding sanitation services to the city’s tax bill.

Instead of residents paying $45 per quarter for trash pick up, $180 will be added to the tax bill, requiring residents to pay the year’s bill all at once.

Sebo said she thought it was easier to do it all at once, but Councilman Bobby Wiggins was opposed to the idea.

“A lot of people live on Social Security,” he said.

Adding the cost to the tax bill could also be a boon for the city. It would be added to every tax bill in Jonesboro.

“We would have about three times as many customers,” Day said.

There are about 700 garbage customers in the city.

If approved, the cost would be added to the November tax bill.

Jonesboro City Council will meet 7 p.m., July 17, at 170 South Main St.