Council votes to purchase, install security cameras

JONESBORO — City Council voted Monday to purchase security cameras and have them installed immediately.

The new cameras will monitor Massengale and Battleground parks, City Hall, the police department and Public Works.

Southeast Installation earned the job with a bid of $13,764.66.

The company has done work previously for the city installing cameras in the police department’s interview room and tag readers for the department’s police cars.

Mayor Joy Day said the cameras would help cut down on vandalism and theft at the parks and provide security.

The system will record continuously and allow for live remote viewing.

“Like if somebody’s stealing a toilet or something, we can log in and watch live,” Day said.

Day is referring to an approximately $700 commercial-grade toilet stolen from Massengale Park last April.

Once the new Lee Street Park is completed, the cameras can be added there too.

As for where the money will come from, the Council decided to dip into last year’s surplus.

Day said the city was $800,000 under budget last fiscal year.

“I don’t think it’ll bust the bank,” she said.