Council approves millage rates to keep taxes down in Lovejoy

LOVEJOY — Taxes will not go up inside the city limits of Lovejoy, said officials this week.

Council approved a reduced rollback millage rate Monday, offsetting what would have been about a 1-percent increase in city taxes. It would have been the first hike in at least four years, said Mayor Bobby Cartwright.

Cartwright recommended council members vote to have the city absorb the increase, which equates to about $9,000 in potential tax revenues.

Lovejoy’s LOST rollback millage rate is 7.602, while its net rate is 7.221 with the rollback. Mobile home owners pay 1.242 in taxes.

In other action, council agreed on a new appointment, Sharon Shaw, to the city’s Urban Redevelopment Authority Board.

Members unanimously adopted resolutions to accept an in-kind donation and conduct a city workforce study.

They accepted a memorandum of understanding with Geo Group Inc., which donated a prison van to be converted and used as transportation for the city’s community and senior cervices center.

Council also decided it will appoint a consultant to conduct an intra-workforce study. It is considering contracting with Sylvia Redic to perform a “pay and classification study” for city employees. The costs, officials said, should not exceed $3,500.