Morgan family dominates Friday Night Drags

HAMPTON — As the lights turn on for Friday nights at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the drivers begin to lock into the zone for their upcoming races.

While there is fierce competition on the track, there are three drivers whose bond goes much deeper than racing every week. That trio is the Morgan family, made up of father, Kelly, and his two sons, Andrew and Chris, who are currently sitting at the top three places in their drag racing division held at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

“It’s been a great experience for them to do this together,” mother and wife Tammie Morgan said. “They already work together so this is something that brings them even closer. It’s been a great deal for the entire family.”

It all started with a project by the dad and flourished from there. He bought his first Ford Mustang, a 1968 model, with the intentions of racing it, and soon his sons joined in. In 2012, Kelly won the division title and the youngest son, Andrew, took the 2013 title. This year, the Morgans are in position yet again to compete for the championship.

All graduates of Jonesboro High and current electricians at the same office, the Morgan family races in the domestic class, which means they will be racing street cars, and the street car of choice for them is always a Ford.

“We love Ford,” Morgan said. “That’s what kind of people we are and always will be. Right now we have about 10 Ford cars split between all of us.”

Currently, it is oldest son Chris who is leading the standings with 18 points. Second place is Kelly with 17 points, and Andrew in third place with 14 points. All three have two wins under their belts, and the standings could change drastically if they continue their winning ways. According to the rules, drivers are only allowed three wins before they are automatically moved up to the next class, Domestic Advanced.

And with the end of the season approaching soon, it is very possible that all three could race out of their division and battle for the advanced championship before season’s end.

As for Tammie, for a wife and mother it is hard to watch the men in her life compete against each other, but she has one strategy for how to support them all at the same time.

“I just close my eyes before each race and yell, ‘Go Morgans’ until it’s over,” Tammie Morgan said. “That always works.”