Officers off patrol during inquiry

JONESBORO — Clayton County police officers involved in a complaint of excessive force are not on patrol, said officials Monday.

Capt. Angelo Daniel said it is a “misnomer” that the officers are on the streets.

“They are on administrative duty and will continue to be during the investigation,” he said.

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad, 69, filed a formal complaint against the officers after being contacted by the department, prompted by an inquiry May 16 by news media, said Daniel.

“Based on the inquiry, the police department initiated an investigation,” he said. “On May 20, (the department) contacted Mr. Bin Wahad and asked if he wished to provide a statement regarding the investigation because we had not received a complaint from him at that time.”

Daniel said Bin-Wahad’s attorney called detectives with Internal Affairs to let them know they would filing a statement later that afternoon.

“On May 21, the officers directly involved with the investigation were placed on administrative duties until the completion of the investigation,” he said.

The officers responded to a burglary-in-progress call at the rental house Bin-Wahad was moving into. Officers said they got conflicting information from Bin-Wahad and had reason to believe he could be a burglar. Bin-Wahad, on the other hand, said he told the officers he was moving in and had a legal right to be there.

A neighbor recorded a brief encounter between Bin-Wahad and two officers appearing to be physically restraining him as they might take down a burglary suspect.