Some land in Jonesboro-county transfer owned by News Daily

JONESBORO — Jonesboro may not be getting everything it hoped for with a piece of property they are being offered as a gift from the county.

That’s because the county doesn’t own all of the property on Broad Street that the city thought it did. A survey has shown a small sliver of the lot actually belongs to Clayton News Daily, said Mayor Joy Day and councilwoman Pat Sebo.

“There’s a small part of the News Daily property, by its back dock, that juts out into the property we’ve been offered,” said Sebo.

Day said the county has offered the city the burned out remains of the Clayton Center and an adjacent parking lot as a gift. If the city council accepts the property, it will be converted into a city green space.

“I don’t see any downside to this,” Day told the city council Monday. “We’re not just getting that building. It’s that whole building and the parking lot that extends south to Church Street. If it was just the building, I wouldn’t be so hot about it, but it’s more than that. It’s just a great piece of property.”

Still, in light of the news that part of the space the city thought it was getting belongs to the News Daily, Day warned the council that a survey will have to be done once the city accepts the property. That is to make sure city leaders know what they are getting.

It wouldn’t be the first time in recent history that old boundaries have been forgotten. Two years ago, the city discovered the school system built part of the Eula Ponds Perry Center for Learning on land that was actually part of Lee Street Park.

The city and the school system worked out a land swap that gave the school district the land it built on. In return, the city got the old tennis courts that the district had owned for years at the Perry Center.

This time, Day wants to make sure issues of ownership are sorted out before construction work begins at the property.

“It needs to be done because some of those boundaries are so old that we need to see who owns what,” said Day.