Boyfriend charged in baby’s death

Jueves Pequeno Hartsfield II

Jueves Pequeno Hartsfield II

JONESBORO — Clayton County police have filed murder charges against the boyfriend of a woman whose baby suffered fatal injuries while in his care.

Jueves Pequeno Hartsfield II, 24, is being held without bond in Clayton County Jail on felony and malice murder charges in the death of Kaylee Aubrey White.

Police said Hartsfield was babysitting White, 16 months old, in August while her mother, Ariel White, worked.

The baby was injured initially Aug. 3, said police. Hartsfield allegedly told White that he was bathing the baby and left her wrapped in a towel on the side of the sink to answer the door.

He allegedly said when he returned, the baby was on the floor screaming. She suffered a black eye, said police, but seemed fine within a few days and was eating normally.

Hartsfield reportedly told White that when the baby woke the morning of Aug. 10, about an hour after Ariel White left for work, she was “not acting normal.”

Police said the baby underwent treatment at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta but died Aug. 13. An autopsy revealed the baby suffered non-accidental trauma, specifically a head impact, whiplash-type forces and blunt trauma to her stomach, said police.

An 11-page report by a second doctor also indicated the baby was covered in bruises and other injuries, police said. Both doctors also ruled out the Aug. 3 alleged fall causing the death, said police.

Ariel White has not been charged, according to court records.