Candidates starting to line up for local races

JONESBORO — Qualifying for local offices moved slowly over the first day and a half this week but some seats are beginning to shape up to be crowded races.

There will be contested races for county commission District 1 and 4. District 4 Commissioner Michael Edmondson will face former Commissioner Robbie Moore and Larry Bussey, who ran for sheriff in 2004. District 1 Commissioner Sonna Singleton so far faces a challenge from Richard Reagan.

The only other local race where more than one candidate has qualified is school board District 8. Board Vice-Chairwoman Alieka Anderson will run against Jeffery Benoit, who has run for various offices around the county in the past.

Almost all of the local qualified candidates for partisan races are so far Democrats. No Republicans have so far qualified to run for county commission or school board, but state Rep. Demetrius Douglas (D-Stockbridge) has picked up a Republican challenger, Christopher Deraney, in his bid to remain a state legislator. Douglas is the legislator who will so far face a Republican challenger.

There are no Republican challengers for U.S. Congress seats for districts 5 and 13 either.

Qualifying will end Friday at 12 p.m. Candidates for State Court judgeships and county commission and school board seats should qualify at various locations in the Historic Clayton County Courthouse, 121 South McDonough St., in Jonesboro.

Democratic party candidates should go to the courthouse’s ceremonial courtroom to qualify. Republicans and candidates for the non-partisan court seats should go to the elections office, which is also in the courthouse.

Candidates for legislative and superior court seats must file their qualifying paperwork at the state Capitol in Atlanta.

The state Primary election will be May 20. The deadline to register to vote in that election is April 21.

Clayton County Board of Commissioners

District 1

Sonna Singleton (incumbent)

Richard Reagan

District 4

Michael Edmondson (incumbent)

Larry Bussey

Robbie Moore

Clayton County Board of Education

District 1

Pamela Adamson (incumbent)

District 4


District 8

Alieka Anderson (incumbent)

Jeffery Benoit

District 9

Charlton Bivins (incumbent)

Clayton County Superior Court (seat held by Geronda Carter)

Geronda Carter (incumbent)

Clayton County Superior Court (seat held by Albert Collier)

Albert Collier (incumbent)

Clayton County State Court (seat held by John C. Carbo)

John C. Carbo (incumbent)

Clayton County State Court (seat held by Michael T. Garrett)


State representative

District 60

Keisha Waites (incumbent)

District 63

Ronnie Mabra (incumbent)

District 74

Valencia Stovall (incumbent)

Yasmin Neal

District 75

Mike Glanton (incumbent)

District 76

Sandra Scott (incumbent)

District 77

Darryl Jordan (incumbent)

District 78

Democrat — Demetrius Douglas (incumbent)

Republican — Christopher Deraney

State senator

District 34

Valencia Seay (incumbent)

Sherry T. Mallory

District 44

Gail Davenport (incumbent)

U.S. Representative

District 5

John Lewis (incumbent)

District 13

David Scott (incumbent)