Open letter to Clayton County

Dear Editor:

Time is too short and precious. We often forget this as we move through the everyday humdrum tasks of life. Older people often cry out to the young, urging them to take heed to this valuable lesson. When you are young, you perceive time and life as infinite, and you think you are invincible. I was reminded of this lesson recently as I heard the sad news of a dear friend.

I have a friend who battled a disease that destroyed her liver for 10 years. A couple of years ago, she was given the gift of life and received a liver transplant. For almost three years, this young lady lived life to the fullest, enjoying the small things that we often take for granted because she knew all too clearly how short life can be.

I just learned that my friend was diagnosed with cancer and died within a week of this diagnosis. Yet while she bravely battled to embrace life to the very end, I watched helplessly as young people in this county bring death into our schools in the form of guns.

Yes, there are legal ramifications for these actions. There are consequences. Those consequences can mean your life being taken away. We have to be vigilant as a community and as parents to make these facts clear.

Parents, be parents. Love your child and protect them by knowing their friends, habits and troubles. Guns should not be the method by which they handle problems or make friends.

Children, be children, because this time of life will fade all too quickly and adult life with different issues will be the reality.

Children need to understand you cannot hit the reset button on your life. When you control a gun, that means you are willing and capable of ending another’s life or possibly your own. Life can end on either side of a gun. Are you ready for the consequences of such an action? I think not.

When you are put before the judicial system to answer for your transgressions, you cry for your mothers and grandmothers. You want to return to the innocence of being a child and having an adult take care of you. I do not want to see any more parents weep at a funeral or as their baby is led off to prison in chains.

Live, children. Have fun and enjoy life without a gun. I promise you that life is so much better when you can sleep peacefully at night not having to worry about another attempting to shoot you over something stupid. At this young and tender age. there is nothing so heavy that you need to face the consequences of bringing a gun to school. Go to school to learn, no kill.


Tasha M. Mosley

Clayton County Solicitor General