Playwright holding auditions for ‘The Mentor’

Kenn Cobb

Kenn Cobb

JONESBORO — Kenn Cobb wants his upcoming play, The Mentor, to be a teaching moment.

“I want to entertain but also to let people know how important mentorship is,” Cobb said.

Cobb moved to Clayton County last year from California and has been a playwright for 12 years.

He’s hosting auditions for his latest play March 29 and April 5 at Clayton State University’s Lakers Hall, 2000 Clayton State Blvd. in Morrow, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. both dates.

Cobb is looking to cast 10 youths ages 17-21 and two adults. The following are parts for the play:

Lourdes Fuentes – Hispanic female, 21, college student/intern

Dante ’Hendricks – black male, 20, musician/intern

Terrell Brown – black male, 19, musician/Marcus’s son

Juan Lopez – Hispanic male, 19, father/musician

Jonathan - male, 20, momma’s boy/musician

Janelle – female, 15, foster child with an eating disorder

Kia Gonzalez – female, 13, bully

Nathan Brown – black male, 12, Marcus’s youngest son

Nick Ford (young) –black male, 13, artist/athlete

Nick Ford (older) – black male, 21, artist/athlete

Candace Brown – black female, 17, Marcus’s daughter

Mr. Burns – male, 35-40

Shauntay McCullough – black female, 40-45

Cobb graduated fromSouthern Illinois University at Edwardsville with a bachelor’s degree in theater performance. Since then, he’s concentrated on his love of writing and his desire to help and mentor children.

“I want to help kids be the best they can be and push them to do well,” Cobb said.

Cobb said play rehearsals will be broken up by scene allowing time off for the actors.

“We’ll be flexible with rehearsal and we won’t be rehearsing on holidays,” he said.

The play will be performed at the Riverside EpiCenter in Austell June 27.

For more information about the play, email Cobb at kbcproductions1@gmail.com.