Homeless women not forgotten on Mothers Day

Volunteers work on filling 250 shoe boxes to give to homeless women on Mothers Day. (Special Photo)

Volunteers work on filling 250 shoe boxes to give to homeless women on Mothers Day. (Special Photo)

JONESBORO — Probationers enrolled in Clayton County’s Accountability Court programs partnered with others to make sure 250 homeless women aren’t forgotten on the most special day of the year for mothers.

Clients of Clayton County’s Adult Felony Drug Court and State Court’s DUI/Drug Court Program partnered to collect shoe boxes filled with toiletries to support the United Way Shoe Box Project Campaign, said Deborah Boddie. Boddie is coordinator of Accountability Court.

“The Shoe Box Project Campaign supports homeless women and children at homeless shelters,” she said. “The filled shoe boxes will be distributed throughout the 13-county region served by United Way on Mothers Day.”

Donated items include soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balm, hand towels, resealable zip lock storage bags and feminine products.

“Once the items were collected, participants from each program assisted in filling the empty shoe boxes with the toiletries,” said Boddie.

The toiletries and empty shoe boxes were donated by participants of both programs as well as Harold R. Banke Justice Center employees, Payless Shoe Store, relatives and friends.

“In all, both programs collected enough items to fill 250 shoe boxes,” she said.

The Adult Felony Drug Court is a judicially-supervised substance abuse treatment program for non-violent felony defendants who have pleaded guilty to repeated drug possession charges or related offenses. The program is a minimum of 18 months consisting of four phases.

Participation requires many court appearances, random drug tests and group and/or individual counseling. The court, led by Clayton County Superior Court Judge Albert Collier, applauds compliant behavior and may impose sanctions for failure to follow the rules, said Boddie.

The next Adult Felony Drug Court graduation ceremony is Thursday at 6 p.m. at Clayton County Courthouse, also known as Harold R. Banke Justice Center.

The State Court’s DUI/Drug Court targets non-violent offenders convicted of their second DUI in five years, or their third or more DUI in a lifetime.

The program is rigorous by design, requiring completion of four phases which take a year or more as mandated by the court. Rewards for progress and swift sanctions for behaviors that negate program goals are critical to the recovery process.

That program is led by State Court Judge Linda S. Cowen.

For more information about either program, contact Boddie at 770-347-0181.