Yasmin Neal responds to News Daily candidates survey

Yasmin Neal

Yasmin Neal

Yasmin Neal

Former state House District 75 representative

There has been a lot that has taken place in the last two years concerning Clayton County and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and vendors at the airport. What do you feel is the biggest legislative issue concerning county’s relationship with both the airport and the vendors, and what would you do as a legislator to address it?

For years the biggest complaint about the airport has centered around Clayton County receiving a fair share of the revenue. I would be in support of legislation that ensures fairness as relates to revenue being allocated equally. Furthermore, progress is being made. The Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance officially launched at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The new Alliance will be comprised of leaders from the region’s public and private sectors and will work to enhance metro Atlanta’s position as a global economic leader with a vision of transforming the airport vicinity into a world-class aerotropolis. Additionally, Porsche has started to build near the airport as well. So the county is growing and taking a step in the right direction, and as I mentioned, I would put forth any legislation that would help with that effort.

Now that transportation in the county has been addressed with the passage of HB 1009, the attention could turn to economic development in the county. What legislation would you pursue to spur economic development throughout the county and why would you pursue that legislation (this could include Hospital-related issues since its presence impacts economic development)?

This is a team effort. It would need to continue to be a team effort. I would not draft any legislation of that magnitude without involving the county officials. I would meet with the county officials and develop an understanding of what direction and what steps they would like to take to crafting a plan to spur economic development. This includes addressing the hospital issue. Once all parties outline their main concerns and a plan is formulated, I would love to draft and craft the legislation together, as a team. This way, everyone on the team knows the direction that we are headed in and each person had a hand in personally developing a good bill that we can all work with and support. A good bill, no surprises, and a clear direction.

There was a lot of talk about legalization of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes in the final days of the 2014 legislative session. What is your stance on this issue and why is that your stance?

God put us on this earth to live our best lives, give him honor and glory and to help your fellow man. So, why not help? As an elected official, if all I have to do is vote yes to support one bill that could make the lives of Georgians just a little bit better; a little bit easier, I would do it in a heartbeat. While being a police officer, former state representative and working outside of the capitol in general, I help people all of the time. I volunteer a lot of my time to helping children, and I know the cannabis oil works wonders on children’s health. So with that being said, if I can help a child; I would do it in instant. At the end of the day, you have to decide what type of politician you want to be. I chose to be one that helps people.

Editor’s Note: There was a delay in receiving a candidate’s survey response from state House District 74 candidate Yasmin Neal two weeks ago. The Clayton News Daily is running her response below in an effort to be fair and give her the same prominance afforded to all other candidates for elected offices in the county.