TSA officials: Hand grenade, stun gun found at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport last week

But 81 pounds of pot discovered in Oakland

ATLANTA — It’s probably not a good idea to bring either an inert or a replica hand grenade on a airplane.

It might not go over well with the authorities.

However, a passenger traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport did try to do it last week. Transportation Security Administration officials said their officers found the grenade in a checked bag at the airport. It was one of two such grenades TSA officers found at U.S. airports in the last week. The other was at Minneapolis’ airport.

Officials did not specify whether either grenade was inert or just a replica.

Either way, they weren’t taking a chance and confiscated both.

The grenade was one of two items confiscated at Hartsfield-Jackson last week. Officers also found a stun gun in a carry-on bag.

However, some of the more eyebrow raising finds were discovered at other airports. Among them was the discovery of 81 pounds of marijuana in checked baggage at the airport in Oakland, Calif.

“Part of TSA’s mission is to protect the nation’s transportation systems by keeping dangerous items off of commercial aircraft,” TSA officials wrote on their blog. “But when contraband is found, it must be reported to local law enforcement. Especially when it’s 81 pounds of contraband.”

Meanwhile, someone trying to pass through the airport in Charlotte was caught trying to hide one ounce of pot in the false bottom of a shaving cream can that they had put in their checked baggage.

In Miami, a passenger who missed their plane — but whose checked baggage didn’t — caused a stir when he asked the gate agent, “What if I had a bomb in my bag?”

The TSA listed that incident under the heading “What not to say at an airport.”

Other items TSA officers found at U.S. airports last week include:

• A wooden mallet at Burlington International Airport in Vermont. The handle was about the length of an arm and whose hammer head was about the size of a loaf of bread, according to a picture posted on the TSA blog.

• Forty-five firearms, including 41 that were load and 17 that had rounds chambered.

• Twenty-eight credit card knives discovered at 14 airports.

• A stun gun designed to look like a cell phone at the airport in Richmond, Va.

• Eleven other stun guns found at nine airports.

• A cane knife in San Francisco.

• A comb knife in Milwaukee

• A rifle barrel taped underneath the liner of a carry-on bag in Anchorage.

• An air soft gun found in a carry-on bag at the airport in McAllen, Texas.