Forest Park leaders approve $26 million budget

General fund operations total $23.1 million

FOREST PARK — The City of Forest Park’s budget will increase by $756,945 in fiscal year 2015 as its police department takes on new duties, the city’s top finance official said.

Finance Director Mike Blandenburg said the city’s overall budget includes $23.1 million for general fund operations and a sanitation budget of $2.9 million. Last year’s budget was $25.3 million for general fund operations and sanitation.

Blandenburg said the millage rate will remain at 14.743 mills.

The reason for the increase, Blandenburg said, is that expenses for Forest Park Police Department are going up. The increase was caused by the fact that the department is now providing security for the Atlanta State Farmer’s Market, he said.

Blandenburg explained the city does not have to raises taxes to pay for the increase because of an agreement Forest Park officials reached with the State Department of Agriculture. Per the agreement, the state will pay the city for the expenses incurred to provide security at the farmer’s market, he said.