School transportation policy change could add 2,000 to routes

JONESBORO — School officials are reviewing policy changes for the upcoming school year regarding bus riders and charter petitions.

Board members approved a first reading of the Student Transportation Management Policy ED and the Policy Series I on Instruction Program during their May meeting.

The policy ED amendment provides transportation to elementary students who live 1 mile or more from the zoned school, and 1.5 miles for middle and high school students.

Previously, bus rides were given to students living 1.5 miles away from their assigned school. The district’s transportation department reported in January 27,912 student riders and 18,935 students living in the 1.5-mile non-transportation zone.

Officials said the measure would add as many as 2,000 students to routes.

Amendments to Policy Series I include housekeeping updates and provisions on codes such as Policy IDFA on Gender Equity in Sports and policy ICC on Curriculum Research.

The Instruction Program Policy IBB moves forward the date a charter petition is due to the district designee, from April 14 to March 14, explicitly giving the board an additional 30 days — 90 days in all — after submission to vote on the petition.

The policy changes, if approved, are expected to be implemented in the coming school year. View the amendments at www.clayton.k12.ga.us.