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Faith Notes - August 12, 2011

Greater Solid Rock to host Community Evangelism Block Party

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Faith Notes - August 5, 2011

Riverdale church seeks volunteers for prison ministry

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Faith Notes - July 29, 2011

Nancy Grace to speak at College Park benefit

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Faith Notes - July 22, 2011

New Day Covenant Ministries sponsors youth conference

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Faith Notes - July 15, 2011

Tara Baptist Church hosts community market

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Church collecting dresses for Lovejoy prom

Terri Hardin, the wife of baptist preacher, thought it would be cool to do something for girls who can't afford a prom dress, so that ever girl who wants to go to prom can. A quick online search revealed other churches across the country had taken on similar endeavors over the years, with much success.

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Christians are servants of the Lord — Jim Bell

Christians should be willing to perform the most menial services for one another. We should cultivate a servant-attitude in our personalities.

Faith Notes - February 10, 2012

Morrow church celebrates women in the pulpit

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A refreshing experience with our brave soldiers — Jim Bell

One U.S. troop passing through the Atlanta Airport told me a story, about his first day home — he watched the news and saw how they covered the violence and deaths and explosions, and was surprised to learn that was the end of the story, as reported. He said the killing and violence were only a part of the story.

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God’s judgment fires are coming — Jim Bell

The Bible says "the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.” In such a time, the only safe place to be is in Jesus Christ. Are you in such a safe place?

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You are an expert witness! — Susan Bennett

Evangelism … some folks would just rather not! Yet Jesus makes it clear that sharing his love and truth are the basis of our calling as Christians. So where do we begin?

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Friends are God’s way of taking care of us — Jim Bell

Sometimes, the Angels fly close enough to you that you can hear the flutter of their wings.

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It’s all in your mind — Susan Bennett

The Pharisees believed material wealth and prosperity of all kinds were signs of God’s favor, but Long before Jesus’ birth, the prophets challenged God’s people to pay attention to the needs of others.

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The power of the Ten Commandments — Jim Bell

The Lord gave man a powerful group of laws — just ten simple instructions to follow as a guide for living a life that is pleasing to Him.

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Noah and the great flood — Jim Bell

Praise God for Noah and his family, for they show the importance of Godly men and their families today, for they are the backbone of our nation and all other Christian nations.

Faith Notes - January 6, 2012

Food Ministry Day at Dixon Grove Baptist

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Clayton fire chaplain Ron Little there through it all

Ron Little was inducted into the public safety brotherhood his first night as chaplain for Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services.

Businesses, churches, residents to celebrate new year

Several events are scheduled in Henry County, to help local residents call attention to the end of 2011, and to begin the new year.

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The perfect Christmas Day — Ronda Rich

I have seen a perfect Christmas, and it was well worth the four decades and seemingly endless disappointments that it took to see the beauty of such day.

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Christmas - the birthday of Jesus Christ — Jim Bell

It’s fine to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way, but many get much too elaborate on the Santa side, and too little on Christ’s Birthday.

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