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Faith Notes - August 12, 2011

Greater Solid Rock to host Community Evangelism Block Party

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Faith Notes - August 5, 2011

Riverdale church seeks volunteers for prison ministry

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Faith Notes - July 29, 2011

Nancy Grace to speak at College Park benefit

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Faith Notes - July 22, 2011

New Day Covenant Ministries sponsors youth conference

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Faith Notes - July 15, 2011

Tara Baptist Church hosts community market

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Shine on — Susan Bennett

Jesus knows our fears and our hopes, and he’s with us in the midst of them, right now, every minute. If we only had eyes to see, we’d realize the light shines in our lives in a hundred different ways every day.

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Our soldiers deserve our thanks and support — Jim Bell

Throughout the history of our great nation, our men and women of the military have given their best, both in peace time and in war.

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In His steps — Susan Bennett

Following in Jesus’ steps is the best, most deeply satisfying life we can have, now and through eternity. But we forget, sometimes, that while Jesus’ steps may sometimes lead to joy and glory and prosperity … they also lead to the cross. And if we really want to follow in his steps, we need to understand that the cross may be part of our journey, too.

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Why can’t we all just get along? — Susan Bennett

I think there’s a very simple reason why opposites attract. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses, and we tend to marry or build relationships with people who are strong where we’re not. We’re probably not aware this is what we’re doing, but we are.

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An intimate message from God to you — Jim Bell

My Child ... You may not know me, but I know everything about you (Psalm 139).

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Has the Great Healer touched your life? — Jim Bell

The more one says no to the Holy Spirit, the still small voice in your heart becomes faint, until you can’t hear Him anymore! Your heart has become calloused and your ears hardly hear, and it is so easy to say “no, not today.”

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Humility and joy are strange bedfollows — Susan Bennett

Humility is a virtue that Christians are supposed to be displaying on a daily basis. But, the thing is … if you THINK you have it, you DON’T.

Faith Notes - November 25, 2011

AIDS Day prayer service at St. Philip Benizi

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The breath of life — Susan Bennett

Sometimes, in traditional, mainline, Protestant churches, too much talk about the Holy Spirit makes people nervous! And in my travels, I’ve come to believe that the Spirit is often the most-ignored person of the Trinity.

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God gives us freedom to choose - Jim Bell

Our lives are shaped by our thoughts. Everything starts in our mind, the way we think determines the way we feel, the way we feel determines how we act — so, if we want to change the way we act or feel — we must change the way we think.

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We were created to become like Christ - Jim Bell

God, our Holy Father, wants us (Christians) to spend the rest of our lives developing family characteristics. He wants to make us like Jesus Christ.

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Growing up in church - Susan Bennett

Church makes our lives fuller and more fun. We make friends here and do good things, and church is often a big part of our lives. But if that’s ALL that’s going on … we need to take a second look.

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Praise the Lord our God, for He rules - Jim Bell

When we have decisions to make, we should pray for guidance and learn to depend on the Lord in everything we do.

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Rotary Club inspires choirs to record CD

The Henry County Rotary Club has worked to compile 10 Christmas tunes on a CD titled “A Henry County Christmas, A Collection of Christmas Songs.” The CD was released this week.

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No one knows when Jesus Christ will return - Jim Bell

A map of the future would be a hindrance, not a help, to faith.

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