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Faith Notes - August 12, 2011

Greater Solid Rock to host Community Evangelism Block Party

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Faith Notes - August 5, 2011

Riverdale church seeks volunteers for prison ministry

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Faith Notes - July 29, 2011

Nancy Grace to speak at College Park benefit

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Faith Notes - July 22, 2011

New Day Covenant Ministries sponsors youth conference

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Faith Notes - July 15, 2011

Tara Baptist Church hosts community market

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Can we be sure of going to heaven when we die? - Jim Bell

How long is “everlasting life?” It is eternal life, isn’t it? Yes! And if we live eternally with our God, will we not be in Heaven? We certainly will!

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Coming together to cope ...

Support group helps those who’ve lost a child

Sometimes, it is more than one can handle, life is not the same and reality is a harsh blow.

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God’s strange and wonderful ways - Susan Bennett

We certainly know that God is more than capable of miraculous physical healing –– and in fact, we sometimes see it today, too. But more often than not, Jesus doesn’t choose to heal miraculously.

Faith Notes - September 23, 2011

Dixon Grove Baptist hosting car show fund-raiser

Faith Notes - September 16, 2011

Chuck Wagon Gang concert at Felowship Baptist

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The Big Bang Theory –– Creation of the universe - Jim Bell

At one time I thought of The Big Bang Theory as something atheists had come up with. I was thinking, God is eternal, Heaven is eternal, so the universe must be eternal as well. I remember saying that The Big Bang Theory was like blowing up a spare-parts store and having it turned into a new Cadillac!

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Don’t judge a book by its cover - Susan Bennett

But we do that a lot, don’t we? We judge people all the time based on their race or nationality. We judge people on their religion, their politics, their profession. Ever told a lawyer joke? And clearly, we judge people on their appearance.

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Church raises funds to buy Bibles for inmates

A Jonesboro church has raised funds to buy half the Bibles needed for inmates at the Clayton County Jail, and members hope other congregations will join them in the drive to fund the other half.

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Christians have the power of the Holy Spirit - Jim Bell

I can truthfully witness to you, today, of the power of the Holy Spirit, for I have experienced His power in witnessing to lost people –– those who are not Christians.

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A perspective that may surprise you - Susan Bennett

What if you’re OK, just the way you are? With all your flaws, all your weaknesses, all your sins, all your struggles …? What if … you’re actually OK just the way you are?

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Strong Rock commits to 'Day of Service'

Eighth-graders from Strong Rock Christian School volunteered Friday at Laurel Park as part of the school's annual 'Great Day of Service' Project. The group split the day between helping at the assisted living home and the Pregnancy Resource Center of Henry County in McDonough.

McDonough church holds camp meeting

Music and ministry will combine at a McDonough church for an old-time camp meeting this week. The 2011 camp meeting began Sunday, at Way of the Cross Baptist Church, 1640 Mount Carmel Road, and will continue through Sept. 2.

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I believe in the God of Creation - Jim Bell

In our postmodern culture today, there are many unbelievers and skeptics who say that God did not create this wonderful world of ours, but that it evolved over the eons of time, that life evolved from single cells or molecules into our present state today. I would have to ask where these “cells” came from?

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Gentleness born of wisdom - Susan Bennett

Are you a parent or grandparent? Do you have a job? Are you part of a family? Part of a church family? Let me just ask – are you ALIVE, and do you ever have contact with other human beings? Well, then … you need wisdom!

From the inside out - Susan Bennett

A while ago, I saw a news story about a young pastor, with a wife and five children, who has taken into his home a man who’s just recently been released from prison. The man is living in the pastor’s basement and looking for a job and being with the family for every meal, every outing, really every moment.

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