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Martha's big adventure — It's taxing — Martha Carr

It’s time to pay the IRS a nice chunk of our earnings again. It’s the annual April reminder that we turn over part of our hard-earned money in a nod to the ideals of democracy.

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Happy Leap Year! — Martha Carr

Leap year is upon us, and according to 800-year-old lore dating back to St. Patrick, the time is ripe for anyone hoping for more love or money.

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I need a budget — Martha Carr

I’ve had just enough experience with paying off a debt just a bit at a time that at first seemed insurmountable, that the idea of a budget is actually starting to look downright appealing.

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Just keep writing — Martha Carr

There’s a reason I keep writing, even though monetary success hasn’t found me, yet. Words strung together in books have always given me the ability to dream of bigger things and even the courage to go out and try.

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Alright already, I'll do it — Martha Carr

If you really, truly hated where you are in life, you’d do something about it. You’d stop complaining to everyone who’s still foolish enough to listen, and do something different.

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Searching for Ian — Martha Carr

Talk about Ian Burnet and share with friends that an engineering graduate student from my alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University, who is looking forward to getting back to school, is missing.

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Happy New Year — Martha Carr

It’s time for my annual New Year’s tradition, where my readers and I get to take a different kind of look at the big picture of our lives.

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I’ve got this — Martha Carr

Raising a son has given me a marked admiration for the body’s ability to work out most problems for itself.

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The absence of faith — Martha Carr

In a culture that has gotten inundated for generations with heroes that took most or all of the credit, crowing about how they are better, faster, smarter, richer, it must really throw some people for a loop to hear Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow praise God and say, it’s not all about me. Apparently, it even angers some of them.

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Happy Thanksgiving — Martha Carr

Thanksgiving is one of the simplest American holidays. There are no expensive presents, no elaborate decorations and no divisions based on religion or political ties.

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The gathering crowds - Martha Carr

As much as those in power may want to shape or manipulate a message, the speed and reach of social media is making it impossible.


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