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High unveils Universe Next Door

ATLANTA — For the next few weeks the universe will be just next door for Southern Crescent residents.

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Open government — It’s the law

“Government belongs to the governed, not the governing.”

Transparency: Not Republican, not Democrat

Openness in government is not a liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, independent, tea party or libertarian issue.

Why not let the sunshine in?


Lord’s allegation regarding Pink Pony challenged

FOREST PARK — Allegations by a Forest Park city councilwoman have been challenged by attorneys representing Pink Pony South.

Clayton County veterans saluted

Monday we paused with the rest of the community to recognize our military veterans and thank them for their service.

Mayors deserve consideration

Keep government close to people

The mayors of Clayton County cities were elected by popular vote.

Hoping for progress in Forest Park

Letter to the Editor

Public Works works hard

Letter to the Editor

Bringing back Clayton County manager ill-conceived

Commissioner Edmondson should reconsider

As we have said repeatedly, and will repeat again and again in the future, government belongs to the governed and not the governing, and most certainly not to bureaucrats.

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Compassion, peace

Dalai Lama brings message to Georgia

DULUTH — A diverse gathering at the Gwinnett Center heard a message of compassion, kindness and the importance of education from the spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, Tuesday.

What you do not know can hurt you


People First brings smiles


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Law requires open meetings, AGs office says

Lunch among elected officials could be in violation

ATLANTA — The Georgia Attorney General’s office said this week that when local officials decide to deliberate the public’s business behind closed doors — for the most part — they are not required to do so.

Suicide always tragic

Editorial: Suicide Prevention Month

Secretary of State encourages citizens to register to vote

We are glad to see Georgia Secretary of State Brain Kemp adding his voice to the National Association of Secretaries of State across the nation in reminding citizens that September is National Voter Registration Month.

Arts Clayton good for Clayton County

From Jim Zachary

Elections really job interviews


Put public safety first

Public safety should always be placed above politics.

Why change website commenting

Facebook log in required

Free forum should not be cheap forum


Candidates need to stay ethical

Qualifying has been completed.

Letter to the Editor

Animal rights

Pulp and silicon can get along

Editorial by editor Jim Zachary

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Looks Salon dream comes true

Looks Hair Salon hosts grand opening

We honor you Sgt. Lawson

Death of soldier gives us pause

Death of soldier gives us pause

Here is your newspaper


On being Southern with a little consternation

What it means to be Southern

Protests are good for democracy

In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman acquittal in Sanford, Fla., the local response has been appropriate.

Leave explosives to professionals

Fireworks are explosives.

Use a little common sense

As families enjoy recreational opportunities, we encourage caution.

No place for campaigning at city, county meetings

It is not uncommon for city, county and school board officials to put a limit on how much citizens can speak at local government meetings. However, the elected officials themselves can drone on and on and on, about nothing that really pertains to the deliberative process.

Our nation mourns

Once again the nation mourns.