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Good grammar still important

Our language is based on an established, agreed-upon set of rules. Think about it — “i before e except after c,” a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y,” subject-verb agreements, proper spelling and punctuation — so we can communicate on the same level. When someone decides that “their” also means “there” or “they’re,” that “your” is the same as “you’re” and that it’s OK to ignore the proper placement of commas and quotation marks, chaos ensues.

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Mayor wants ethics code abolished

Ousting would require recall vote

Mayor David Lockhart wants to abolish the city’s code of ethics but couldn’t get support of council Monday night.

Mother of eight faces 16 felony counts

A mother of eight children under 18 has been indicted on 16 counts of first degree child cruelty and child deprivation, according to court records.

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Fayette County grand jury clears Chief Porter

After being empaneled all day Friday, a Fayette County grand jury declined to indict Clayton County police Chief Greg Porter on racketeering and other charges.

Police accreditation hearing set in Forest Park

Residents will get a voice in the accreditation of its police department during a public hearing Dec. 16.

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Ministers discuss Alaska missionary trip

Years ago, some Christian missionaries considered Native Alaska totem poles idols and burned them.

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Forest Park police protect victims rights

Forest Park Police Department has a variety of resources to protect and preserve the rights of crime victims, said officials.

Dr. K remembered as old-fashioned pharmacist

Pete Kapetanakos was one of a kind, the type of small-town pharmacist that hardly exists anymore.

Clayton County water rates going up in January

Clayton County water customers will pay 5 percent more for water Jan. 1, a hike needed to offset operating costs and declining sales, said officials.

Couple pleads guilty to federal credit card fraud

A California couple arrested at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and held in Clayton County Jail have pleaded guilty to federal charges and face several years in prison.

Ministers honor Forest Park public safety officers with holiday baskets

Donations are being sought to compile holiday baskets to honor public safety officers in Forest Park.

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Landry ascends to Clayton County fire chief position

In front of a packed crowd Friday afternoon, Clayton County fire Assistant Chief Landry Merkison ascended to the office of chief and director of emergency services.

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Staying Yongue by keeping Forest Park beautiful

Edie Yongue grew up in a rural South Carolina family that relished the outdoors, so keeping her natural surroundings litter-free and inviting is part of her DNA.

Jonesboro tax preparer guilty of fraud

Agrees to $5.7 million in restitution

A Jonesboro tax preparer has agreed to pay more than $5.7 million in restitution as part of her guilty plea in U.S. District Court, said officials.

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Eady takes public works director oath in Forest Park

Former Morrow City Manager Jeff Eady has officially taken the title of Forest Park Public Works director. Eady was sworn in after taking the oath during Tuesday night’s regular city council meeting. As residents applauded, Eady said he appreciates the support and looks forward to working in Forest Park.

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Jonesboro police investigating discovery of body inside vacant building

Jonesboro police Chief Franklin Allen said a body found inside an abandoned building may have been that of a homeless man stealing copper and wire.

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Body found in vacant building in Jonesboro

Jonesboro police Chief Franklin Allen said a body found inside an abandoned building may be that of a homeless man stealing copper and wire.

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Porter case going to Fayette County grand jury

Clayton County police Chief Greg Porter could find out this month if he will have to fight racketeering charges.

Ex-federal worker sentenced for extortion

A former claims representative who worked in the Morrow Social Security Administration office has been sentenced to federal prison for extortion.

Hanging with a real gangster granny

My grandmothers were pretty boring. By that I mean, they lived pretty routine lives. Grandma Wingfield worked the lunch counter at Woolworth’s in Overland, Mo., for as along as I can remember and retired as its manager. You might be an old fogey if you reme

Pastor D indicted in forgery allegation involving tutoring needy children

A pastor featured in a now-defunct TLC reality show has been indicted for forgery and lying in connection with a fake tutoring service targeting needy students, said officials.

City could close Fort Gillem deal by February

Officials could finalize the purchase of the former Army base by February and residents are another step closer to learning which businesses are locating to that property.

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Voters return to the polls Tuesday for runoff in Forest Park

Voters go back to the polls Tuesday to elect officials to fill four-year terms in wards 1 and 2.

Clayton County police find cache of drugs in Riverdale apartment

Clayton County police arrested at least one person after finding a variety of illegal drugs inside a Riverdale apartment Tuesday.

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Georgia relaxes access to Juvenile Court

News reporters know the restrictions where juvenile offenders are concerned — they can’t be identified because of their ages and most hearings are off-limits.

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Public, media access to Clayton County courts vital, say judges

Decades before gavel to gavel coverage of the O.J. Simpson murder trial polarized the country, an Ohio osteopath stood under a media spotlight so intense the U.S. Supreme Court labeled it a carnival.

Learning the secrets to old age

Robert J. Woodall Jr. of Jonesboro reached a milestone Nov. 14 few of us will — the former North Clayton High School math teacher and coach celebrated his 90th birthday.

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Student leads stuffed animal drive for Clayton police

MacKenna Gosart, 12, has spent most of her life listening to her dad tell stories about working the streets of Clayton County as a patrol officer.

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Ward 2 candidate fined in 2012 for disorderly conduct

Ward 2 candidate Dabouze Antoine was arrested last year for bursting into a sleeping woman’s room at In Town Suites two months after his release from jail for DUI.

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Merkison to be installed as new Clayton County fire chief

Landry Merkison will be installed Dec. 6 as Clayton County’s fourth fire chief in less than three years.

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State prevails in neglect complaint, relatives sued in deprived twins case

Relatives sued in deprived twins case

Georgia Supreme Court has overturned a Court of Appeals ruling against a child protective services worker at the center of a deprivation case involving twin brothers.

Clayton County inmate faces 87-count indictment

A Jonesboro man being held without bond in the Clayton County Jail on armed robbery was indicted this week on 87 charges related to a string of crimes.

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State funds Forest Park police presence at farmers market

Council members voted Monday to accept nearly half a million dollars to fund police presence at State Farmers Market.

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Goodman lived up to his name, honored by Forest Park

It is said that the true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do nothing for him in return

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Fifty families in Clayton, Henry benefit from food drive

Fifty families in Clayton and Henry counties will enjoy a Thanksgiving meal like the rest of the country next week, despite being homeless.

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A drug-free life starts with rebirth

Five recent graduates of the Adult Felony Drug Court are discovering how amazing life can be once they put substance abuse behind them.

Sweet pea is not a fruit

I love Christmas and have embraced Internet shopping and home delivery as my way of staying sane through the holidays. Having been raised in the Church of Christ, I have never celebrated Christmas as the day Jesus was born. We believe the Bible is not specific on the day Jesus was born simply because the fact that He died for our sins is more important than His birthday.

Guilty verdicts in ‘Jack City Boys’ murder case

A Clayton County jury took about 75 minutes to find three defendants in a murder case guilty on all 19 counts Tuesday.

AG’s Office orders Forest Park to respond to allegation it violated Open Records Act

City denies newspaper access to records

The state Attorney General’s Office has ordered Forest Park attorneys to respond to Clayton News Daily’s allegations of noncompliance with the Open Records Act.

Police look for two Hispanic males involved in fatal crash in College Park

Clayton County sheriff’s officials said police are looking for two men seen fleeing the scene of a fatality Sunday about 5 p.m.

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Clayton County judge mulls motion to end Lockhart libel case

Clayton County State Court Judge Linda S. Cowen has taken under advisement a motion for summary judgment in a libel case involving the Forest Park mayor.

Police arrest two in shooting death of teen

Clayton County police have arrested two people in the shooting death of a teenager.

Involuntary manslaughter charge upgraded to murder in son’s death

A man charged last year with involuntary manslaughter was indicted for murder exactly a year after his son died from a gunshot wound to his head.

Jonesboro group hosts toy drive Nov. 30

Donations of unwrapped toys will be accepted from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Nov. 30 at Aaron’s Rental on Ga. 85 in Riverdale.

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Donations sought for Thanksgiving meals to feed 50 Clayton and Henry homeless families

Donations are still being sought to help provide Thanksgiving meals to 50 homeless families of Clayton and Henry students.

Dying man begged for his mother

Moses was in wrong place, said witnesses

At 31, Tavares Sanchez Moses was an adult, a physically large man with a short history of skirmishes with the law whose nickname was Tootie Man.

Second annual Mabra turkey giveaway coming up in College Park

The second annual Mabra Turkey Giveaway is gearing up for Nov. 23 when 1,003 families will snag the holiday meal’s main attraction.

Two defendants expected to testify against four others in Forest Park shooting death

The two youngest of six defendants charged in a gang-related murder are expected to testify for the state when the case starts this week.

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Forest Park ceremony honors veterans Monday at city hall

The Irish philosopher Edmund Burke once observed, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Veterans can often find a normal life elusive after battle

Americans observed Veterans Day Nov. 11. On that day in 1918, at 11 a.m., leaders of the Allied nations agreed with Germany leaders to end World War I.