ATLien80 2 years, 11 months ago on Southern Regional featured in new Jennifer Lopez movie

I think this is great news unlike those that commented before. Any revenue or positive news that can come into Clayton County is welcomed. Georgia's film industry is booming and the amount of money it takes to producer a film is huge, I am certain that this was a great economic booster for both the hospital and local business surrounding the hospital. Not to mention that for the hospital to make an event out of the opening night at Morrow's AMC which I am sure cost a pretty penny was the trickle down affect of businesses doing business with their neighbors in the county. This was a win-win for all involved. SRMC is the only hospital in Clayton County and it as a resident of the county it feels good to know that "HOLLYWOOD" was impressed enough by what they saw of the facility and the staff to use them as a location. Kudus Clayton County!