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Also, we are all aware that the meeting in question was a legally held meeting. What is in question though, is what exactly went on in this meeting? A unanimous decision? About what? Strangely, there were no minutes kept. And again, if a letter signed by council is undoubtedly going to be made public, it would make sense that council could quote correctly the Code and Ordinances. What you quote as 2.15 is actually 2.30. 2.2.5 states nothing of the sort.


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Censorship indeed! The Citizens of Morrow rarely discuss how the council has voted on "proposed business". As a matter of fact, there are many council meetings where there has been no comments from the citizens. So why now? The four council members and the city manager have put themselves in a precarious position, perhaps? They now know that the citizens are aware of it. Do they want this swept under the rug? The uproar from the citizens is on how the council has conducted themselves during executive session that has now come to light. If cards were filled out before the meetings to hold the council accountable for their actions, I sincerely doubt these would be added to the agenda. For instance, let's say that we saw with our own eyes, a letter that had the signatures of all four council members. In this signed letter, it was specifically stated that there was a unanimous decision made as to sanctions being required of the mayor. The council claims the "Sunshine Laws" were not violated, there was no evidence presented, there was no vote taken. Now the citizens want to hold the council accountable for their actions that were taken and now they are seemingly lying about it. The citizens now want to know HOW could a unanimous decision have been made? The letter we all read and the claims by council clearly contradict one another. We want to know WHY! Do you seriously think this is going to become an agenda item?


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Now that the Citizens of Morrow are on to the crafty wiles of how this city is being run, we now have the City Manager wanting to shut the people up. Seems Ferguson(an alleged law breaker), Browning(another alleged law breaker) are now the puppets of Eady, in trying to quiet the masses.

This according to The Morrow City Charter Article II:

Sec. 2.32. - Powers and duties of mayor.

The mayor shall:

(1)Preside at all meetings of the city council;

(2)Be the chief executive officer of the city;

(3)Have a vote only in the case of a tie vote by councilmembers;

(4)Sign ordinances and resolutions on their final passage; except that the mayor shall have veto power over ordinances, orders, or resolutions, in which case the mayor shall have five days after meetings of the mayor and council to file with the clerk in writing his or her disapproval, but the councilmembers may, at the same meeting or any subsequent meeting within 60 days, override the veto of such ordinance, order, or resolution by a vote of two-thirds of the total number of councilmembers, to be taken by "ayes" and "nays" and entered upon the minutes;

(5)Be the head of the city for the purpose of service of process and for ceremonial purposes and be the official spokesperson for the city and the chief advocate of policy;

(6)Have power to administer oaths and to take affidavits; and

(7)Sign as a matter of course on behalf of the city all written and approved contracts and other instruments executed by the city which by law are required to be in writing.

So, am I correct in assuming the City Manager is now trying to preside over the Council Meetings?


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Well, Ms Bridges, please fill us in with what was correct in the articles that were printed and then please issue a public statement to fill us all in with what was incorrect. As I see it, you Mr Huie, Mr Slaton, and Mr Ferguson are sitting there with egg all over your faces.


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Does Morrow City Council Even Know the Law?, is what this headline should have read.

The City of Morrow's website,, links it's citizens to for the City of Morrow's Code of Ordinances.

In the letter addressed to Mayor Burke dated November 6, 2012 and signed by Bridges, Huie, Slaton and Ferguson there are a few discrepancies between what is stated in this letter and what is in the Morrow, GA - Code of Ordinances.

The first discrepancy is as follows:

(From the letter to Mayor Burke): Violation of the City Charter, Section 2.15 "The City Council or it's Members shall deal with city officers and employees who are subject to the direction and supervision of the City Manager solely through the City Manager, and neither the City Council nor it's members shall give any order to any such officer or employee, either publicly or privately."

(From Morrow, GA - Code of Ordinances) Sec. 2.15. - Inquiries and investigations.

Following the adoption of an authorizing resolution, the city council may make inquiries and investigations into the affairs of the city and the conduct of any department, office, or agency thereof and for this purpose may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony, and require the production of evidence. Any person who fails or refuses to obey a lawful order issued in the exercise of these powers by the city council shall be punished as provided by ordinance.

The second discrepancy is as follows:

(From the letter to Mayor Burke) Violation of the City of Morrow Ethics Ordinance, Section 2-2-5 "No City Official shall use his position in such a manner as to threaten, intimidate or humiliate the public or City workforce."

(From Morrow, GA - Code of Ordinances) Sec. 2-2-5. - Appeals.

An official disputing the action of the hearing body shall have 30 days to appeal the decision to Superior Court of Clayton County by writ of certiorari.

Look it up for yourselves Morrow Citizens. Why the discrepancies? Does the council not even know what the Ordinances are that it they are trying to enforce?

To quote your letter; Bridges, Huie, Slaton and Ferguson. "The Citizens of Morrow are watching and it is imperative that we restore honor and dignity to out City's elected body."

Mayor Burke, thank you for taking lead. Council Members, you all should be re-thinking your game plan in trying to oust Mayor Burke.

My final thought would be to Council Members Bridges, Huie, Slaton and Ferguson. We the Citizens of Morrow are not the dumb masses you think we are.


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Are you kidding? Were you there? The letter in question was not not addressed to legal counsel, it was addressed to the mayor. If you fail to see the basis, I have a seeing-eye dog I'd like to sell you? Is is possible you might actually be being courted for an appointment to the council if this tragic coup becomes a reality? Just what we need, another puppet that can't think for themselves. Just a thought!!!!


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Mr Editor, If council can try to "bully" the mayor into a public apology for allegedly violating the City Charter, can the mayor demand a public apology and letter to citizens from council for allegedly breaking state law and then lying about it?