AnotherMorrowResident 2 years ago on Morrow mayor facing punishment for criticisms

So, we have a mayor who promised the citizens of Morrow transparency. Transparency is exactly what we got. THANK YOU MAYOR BURKE! You merely expounded the sentiments of former-Mayor Millirons stated earlier that same evening. The Economic Developer's feelings got hurt! Well, so what, he deserved it. Raking in the salary he's pulling in, one would think we would be getting more for our money than hair related businesses and dollar stores. We have actually lost more big name stores in the city than he's brought in since he been here. Another LCI study to bring another dollar store is not worth his salary. Did the mayor break a law? NO. Did we get transparency? YES.

As for the other 4 buffoons sitting on the dais; Are we getting transparency from them? Did they break the law? Looking at the letter they all signed, I think NOT!!!!