ApalledEducator28 2 years, 7 months ago on SACS ‘concerned’ over Clayton schools governance

Clearly Adamson had developed a deep bond with Heatley. In doing so, she forgot that she was HIS BOSS. This was something that Ms. Goree has been censored for ...reminding the other Board members that his practices hurt a lot of people. Namely the people he was hired to help but only used his position to intimidate, bully, demean, and rob its employees of their earning all while his salary, incentives and bonuses kept increasing. If Nathan Deal steps in Ms. Adamson, he should look at the facts and not the feeliings of your following Board Members.

Your fighting took place because you were defending Heatley while Ms. Goree was defending the Employees of Clayton County which is what all of you should care enough to do. Why is this so hard for somone of your eduational status to understand. Stand up for the Employees and do right by them.