BigDaddy 2 years, 7 months ago on EDITORIAL: Citizens attacked with inflammatory speech

Jessie Goree and Trina Garrett and Michael B. King on the Clayton County School Board is just like the 3 on the Clayton County Commsissors Board Singleton, Wole Ralph, and Gail Hambrick, with their controling ways and self serving ways of John Trotter and other groups.

I am a member of the Clayton County Oversight Committee, that has put all our political partisonship behind us to come together for the betterment of Clayton County to hold any elected officials accountable, like in wasting our taxpayers dollars and other type of corrupution that we may find.

Now the Clayton County School Board and School System has really got our attention now, as we been really giving the Clayton County Commission a lot of our attention of late. And yes Wole Raph has called us names and now Singletom as called up the modern day klan which the news day edtior Jim Zachary did a great article on this issue.

The Clayton County Oversight Committee is also many people from very different cultures and backgrounds and for Sington to make this statement in a email on her Clayton County Government email account about us, this is slander and I am thinking of bringing legal action against her personally and on Clayton County as the Clayton County Board of Commissioners needs to censor her and I will do everything I can to make sure she will not get re-elected back into office, as the crime is more higher in Rex and ellenwood area.

As it appears every person that was put into office by Lee/Jewel Scott and has a big connection to Victor Hill always uses the race card to try to get the up hand even when they are caught in many crooked things or caught red handed at something. And yes using the race card is getting very old here in Clayton County as its been used since 2004, because we have so called Leaders (coughs hard) Elected Officials uses it because they really can not goveren themselves or be Leaders in Clayton County.

Clayton County elected officials works for us the citizens of Clayton County, and yes the citizens should never fear our local, State or Fderal Goverments as they all work for us and not themselves.


BigDaddy 2 years, 11 months ago on Money stolen from VFW post

WOW, Yes everyone is correct that we have only scum and thugs that has moved into Clayton County from other places like Atlanta because their scum areas of town of Atlanta was totally mowed down to bring in higher housing by which these scum and thugs can not pay to live there anymore as that these scum and thugs will steal and kill everyone for anything now, that is why most of Clayton County Citizens carry guns and has many guns in their homes now too protect themselves. Just as the thugs and scum, on the clayton advocate.


BigDaddy 3 years, 5 months ago on Crazy Horse, Pink Pony lose licenses

OscarKnight, yes your right, the City of Forest Park opened up the flood gates on having these type of businesses within their city limits. This is a waste of more Taxpayers Money and mismangment.

I can wait to see how any cities in Clayton County, when they lose their ablitiy to get any State or Federal Grants, Commmunity Block Grants, Downtown Delepoment Grants, and they will not be able to use any Police Radar to stop speeders on the streets and in the school zones, everyone endanger, and these cities will lose their status as municipal, so that means these cities are no longer a City, as these cities are holding out for the Local Option Sales Tax and Service Delivery as the main deadline was this past Oct 31st, 2011.

But there is another meeting for all the cities here into coming together to sign with Clayton County in this coming Feb, 2012 sometime. So until then we the citizens and our children is at risk.

Why do we need these cities that can not get along with Clayton County hummm something for us all to think about.