DE 2 years, 9 months ago on Clayton Schools facing $33 million debt by 2016?

Here's some ideas.

  1. Get the academics and test scores up where people will want to move back into the county because of the schools, not leave because of the disarray in our schools. This would increase the total tax base for the county. Less vacant property equals a higher tax base without raising taxes.

  2. Release the under performing teachers and replace them with more qualified personnel. Let's start getting quality personnel for our tax dollars. As in any business, if you have a employee that doesn't perform to higher standards, you replace them with someone who will.

  3. Hire a Superintendent that is not only an educator, but is qualified to run a business within it's means. Educating our children is a business, and this county needs someone with business intellect to do this job.

    These ideas would bring more tax dollars into our county. These ideas, if implemented, would make this a better county for all. Not only would this attract people back into the county, but also businesses relocating here.

    It's people's nature to embrace success and run from failure. It's time our elected officials stop the mass exodus of businesses and people of this county by starting to do something positive for a change. It's also time for those of us still in this county to start holding our elected officials "Feet to the Fire" and demand more from them. We as taxpayers of Clayton County, need to send a clear message that "Business as Usual" will no longer be tolerated. The "Good Ole Boy" system hasn't worked in the past, and will not be tolerated in the future.


DE 2 years, 10 months ago on Police car makes officer sick

Don't these vehicles have to pass a annual state emission test like other vehicles on our roads?


DE 2 years, 10 months ago on New Clayton sheriff takes office

And dare I say that it's most likely that the vast majority of the people that voted for Victor don't even know who Franklin D Roosevelt was. They probably don't know that he was our 32nd president and a Democrat. But the uneducated are allowed to vote, aren't they...


DE 2 years, 10 months ago on New Clayton sheriff takes office

I didn't state anywhere that he wasn't elected in a fair and equal manner. The people of this county made their choice and Victor won. But that doesn't mean that they voted with a clear knowledge of his past representation of this county, or the understanding of the financial burden he placed on the taxpayers of this county. They either didn't care or realize what the taxpayers of this county had to pay for his indiscretions while he was in office. Those tax dollars could have been spent better elsewhere. Maybe even been spent on them!!! If they actually paid taxes, they might be a little more concerned how their money is being spent. But seeing how they have "No dog in that fight" , they simply cast a ballot without doing any research on the candidates past.

And as you stated, those who voted for Victor voted for him because it probably does effect their lives. They were probably some of the same people that Victor failed to arrest and lock up when he was previously Sheriff.

With Victor as Sheriff, we may as well put up billboards across the state inviting all thugs to the county. And instead of "Crime Free Neighborhoods" I can foresee "Enforcement Free Neighborhoods".

"Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education."

A quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt

I think that says it all.


DE 2 years, 10 months ago on New Clayton sheriff takes office

It's a sad day for Clayton County. How long will it be before there are more criminals roaming our county streets then are in jail like it was during his last tenure as sheriff? What were the voters of Clayton County thinking when the elected him back in? How much will it cost the taxpayers of this county when Victor Hill starts his shenanigans again? But dare I say that it's most likely the voters who reelected Victor don't pay taxes, and are a economic drain on our society. Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to have to bare the cost of his actions and foolishness. As the old saying goes, "Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, shame on me."


DE 3 years ago on Obama wins Clayton in a landslide

I heard this today and thought about the recent election:

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton agreed on little publicly, but they did agree that when the public treasury becomes a public trough and the voters recognize that, they will send to government only those who promise them a bigger piece of the pie.


DE 3 years ago on BOE candidate arrested on bench warrant

Are we going to hear uproar by some on this forum about the news media picking on this individual?

Once again, this is a local person running for public office in this county. This story needs to be published.


DE 3 years ago on Do you believe a write-in candidate can win an election?

Not in this county. In order for a write in vote to count, the candidates name MUST be spelled correctly. Not one letter missing, not one letter off, not one letter put in the wrong order. And considering the voting public we have in Clayton County, if a candidate has more than 3 letters in his/her first or last name, they don't stand a chance.


DE 3 years ago on Clayton voter turnout hits 11 percent mark

It really makes me wonder when I see the long lines to vote during the middle of the day, why aren't these folks at work? Not only here in Clayton County, but across the state, long lines await those casting early ballots. Could it be that these people are part of the 8% plus that are unemployed/underemployed in this state that we keep hearing about?

And then I have to ponder. Who they will elect for President for the next four years? Will they be casting their ballots for the current administration, or decide to try somebody else? Will their vote change the faces in our next Congress, or after November 6th allow the faces to remain the same? Can write-in candidates actually go head to head against the candidates that some don't want to serve?

So many questions. Myself, and many others with questions of their own, will just have to wait till November 7th to get these answers.


DE 3 years, 1 month ago on Jonesboro residents support councilman after arrest

He is an elected official. Even though it's small town Jonesboro, people expect better from their elected officials. They are held to higher standards. This is why I believe the News Daily reported it. Would you have preferred that they just kept quiet and swept it under the rug? That's what's wrong with our government today, from small town's like Jonesboro to the US Government. Too much is kept from the very people that elected them.

And the local paper has a duty to report on local issues in the community, good or bad, in an unbiased way. As I said earlier, he put himself in this position and has no one to blame but himself. From what I can tell, the News Daily has been honest and unbiased in their reporting of this issue. They have reported the facts and haven't judged him one way or the other. They have not slandered him in this article, just simply reported what their investigation has lead to. They obviously were able to obtain information regarding his 1982 conviction and deemed it necessary to report the facts of his driving record. The News Daily didn't make anything up. They just reported some relevant information that had also happened in the past which was similar as in this charge. This is our local newspapers job. So how can you have an issue with the News daily?

This man will have his day in court in front of a Judge and/or Jury of his peers. He will have his chance to explain his actions and accept any punishment our courts deem necessary to invoke for his lack of judgement. I make no bones about it, if found guilty, I hope the book is thrown at him. I have no tolerance for DWI/DUI for alcohol or drugs. Man or Woman, black or white, young or old, John Doe citizen or President. But I will also expect the News Daily to report the outcome of this case, no matter what. If they fail to follow up, they will have failed in their mission to report the news, good or bad.