DontBelieveTheHype 3 years ago

Clayton County Citizens, I have a question: Who is actually doing any work at the Clayton County Sheriff's Office? And the reason that I'm asking this question is because you have the Major (Mitchell) over the Warrants/Civil Division, the Major (Sowell) over the Jail Division, a Captain (Gavel) over Court Services Division and varies other command staff members that have been campaigning for Sheri ff Kem Kimbrough for the past 8 months, on county time, by riding around the county in "Bubba Trucks" with campaign signs plastered all over them. Now that Sheriff Kimbrough has been defeated by Victor Hill, these same employees have now latched on to Chief Deputy Garland Watkin's campaign in order for him to run against Victor Hill in the November General Election as a "write-in" candidate! Now you have the Sheriff's Office SWAT Team Commander, Captain Smith, along with other SWAT Team Deputies at the Democratic Convention in North Carolina, directing traffic and dancing in the street like they just watch the movie, Magic Mike! All while warrants and civil papers are not being served, inmates are getting murdered in the jail and babies are being born and dying in the jail, citizens homes are being burglarized and other crimes are running rampant! I truly hope you, the citizens do not forget this when Garland Watkins solicits your vote! Ask him what has he done for you the past four years!!!! The employees will be working on his election for the next 4 months, so that will be a year of campaigning on your dime!!!


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