EagleEye65 1 year, 11 months ago on BOE candidate arrested on bench warrant

Well I will be the first to come to his defense....

I met this young man several months ago. I simply think this another tactic by those trying to control county government and the school board plotting.

Now, I will admit, after I heard about him earlier this year I did have my reservations but when you compare him to the incumbent, I see why they are going after him....

It is sad that this county will try to hurt our youth. However, I did hear that Sheriff's Dept. plotted with Dr. Heatley to cause this to happen before the election. As a tax payer for over 30 years in this county I am sick of the negative attention we get and give our own people. Lets be honest, this isn't really news worthy. But since we are entertaining it I will say this, I VOTED and VOTED for him and I hope he wins and does what he says he is going to do.