Educationrulz 2 years, 4 months ago on SACS chief: Sky not falling in Clayton

SACS is fast becoming an irrelevant and untrusted entity as the public's knowledge increases about the capriciousness of their investigations. Stir up crap in Clayton Co JUST as a change in leadership is occuring-even though the board has been bickering for years? Sure, sounds like big laughs! Yank accreditation in Cobb Co after the BOE is caught holding multiple illegal meetings and votes? Oh no! That would upset too many "valued" residents. My big question for the day is this: What do Elgart and SACS get out of influencing the search for a new superintendent? Why are they (or should I say why is he) so determined to drive this process? Something's ROTTEN in this picture. Its time for Clayton Co to stand up and stop being BULLIED by SACS!!!