EyesOnClayton 2 years, 7 months ago on Wole Ralph honored by NAACP

This is interesting. Mr. Ralph "allegedly" took trips to D.C. for some NAACP related event. It was during this trip that hand written receipts came about and were subsequently reimbursed by the county.

At a BOC meeting, during public comment, when this was mentioned, Mr. Ralph stated that he had no association with the NAACP. In another BOC meeting, one of the many "one timers" came forward for public comment and spoke highly of Mr. Ralph as she pleaded for a recreation center to bare Mr. Ralph's name. During her comments, she stated that she was a representative of the NAACP.

Long story short. . .Mr. Ralph claimed he had no association with the NAACP but yet the NAACP seems to associate itself with him on a regular PUBLIC basis.