GEEMAW 2 years, 11 months ago on Clayton County sheriff's race heats up

I am thrilled to know I will have someone else to vote for in November other than Victor Hill. Good luck and God bless Mr. Watkins.


GEEMAW 3 years ago on BOC’s ‘gang of three’ broken up

The election was an amazing accomplishment with the exception of our Sheriff. That is one we don't need again to rip off the county and embarrass us again. Hopefully the Governor will step in and make a reasonable change there. Otherwise, the county has got to improve with the leadership change. If not, then we change it again.


GEEMAW 3 years ago on Citizens: Where did $1.45 million in SPLOST money go?

Whatever happen to accountability. You, the citizen, the taxpayer, are held accountable to the IRS, the government to report ALL your income. They do not want you to CHEAT. So why can't we the people demand the same accountability from our elected officials. After all they are "elected" not put there by God Almighty. The current election "maybe" is going to bring a message to those cheaters in office who have been, for sometime, raping this county. It's time Clayton County reaped some rewards from all the taxes paid for by the citizens. The county, at the moment, is an embarrasing place to live. I've seen it better and I've been here 35 years. It can be a great place again, if we demand honest leadership.