JayPearl 3 years, 1 month ago on BOE candidate is ‘person of interest’ in PTA funds probe

It is so sad that Clayton County superintendent Heatley would go to the depths of wrecking a youngmans character, to continue his distructive regime in Clayton County Schools. The parents of Clayton County should speak up and vote new members on the board who will stand up for our children in Clayton County .We need to rid our board who let the Puppetmaster Heatley manipulate the puppets who support a superintendent that is distroying our schools. Packing students in small classrooms, cutting programs that are viable to our childrens future. Our schools aren't any better shape under his regime. IT ISTIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!We need people on the board who genuinely have an interest for the Children of Clayton County, we don't have a board that cares but a board that follow the Puppetmaster.