JonesboroResident05 2 years, 9 months ago on Jonesboro residents support councilman after arrest

You said "reporting of this issue has been unbiased and only facts." What a joke.

Didn't you read the first story that claimed the police found Joe Compton passed out in his driveway beside his "mangled" truck ? Then the second story clarified that Joe Compton parked his truck in his driveway, walked to Deborah Glavin's house and sat by her mailbox until the police arrived. It doesn't get any more contradictory!

You said "And the LOCAL paper has a duty to report on LOCAL issues in the community, good or bad, in an unbiased way." With this I agree.

Apparently you aren't aware of 11 alive, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, WSBTV, CBSAtlanta, and Fox 5's coverage on TV. No one singled out The Clayton Daily except you and OscarKnight.

11alive and WSBTV claimed he was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, this is a flat out lie. He wasn't charged with leaving the scene of an accident, the police only "initially responded to the call as a hit and run". The media routinely juices things up for ratings.

Channel 2's HEADLINE included "Councilman has been arrested for DUI in the past".

They substituted arrested once in 1982 with "arrested in the past" to paint the picture of a habitual offender for a shock effect. If you consider 2 offenses 30 years apart as habitual that's your own opinion, the law would disagree.

I think the critics on this forum are fed up with America's rampant political corruption and I can understand your frustration, but I'm not ready to crucify Joe Compton because of Bernie Madoff and Wall Street. This mans record indicates he's helped the community to a great extent and is remorseful for his mistake, lets not blow it out of proportion.

Furthermore, The Clayton Daily is the only organization who should be interested in this story. Apparently the rest of the metro area news stations couldn't find anything better to do.


JonesboroResident05 2 years, 9 months ago on Jonesboro residents support councilman after arrest

Your rebuttal is off topic, my issue was the medias ridiculous order of priorities to gain ratings. A community volunteer getting a DUI is hardly criteria for front page coverage, while thousands of DUIs happen in Clayton County annually that are NOT covered. This guys name is being slandered for ratings in my opinion.

Realize who we are talking about here- if he was a mayor or governor or anyone with political significance I could understand news coverage.

Frankly I don't appreciate the media flooding my TV with Big Bird, Britney Spears, and Joe Compton... meanwhile millions of my tax dollars are being robbed.

Also to clarify- no one said DUI was laughable, I think it's a HORRIBLE practice- but to consider one DUI 30 years ago as a "repeat offender" is certainly laughable and an obvious spin to make the story more sensational.

We can make up hypothetical scenarios on what could of happened all day but I prefer to base judgement on facts.

As far as I know this guy has never hurt anyone on the road and he's been driving longer than I've been alive. Over half the drivers today have a worse accident history than Joe Compton, one mailbox in 40 years of driving is pretty good.

If you're honestly concerned about safety, habitual accident offenders are your true danger regardless of DUI, texting, cell phone, bad driving, etc. Instead of raising their insurance premiums, suspend their licenses permanently for public safety. ( More than one violation per 30 years required of course). That would be a more honorable and important issue for news coverage.

So what do you propose- to remove this man from his position of voluntary community service while he serves his probation's mandatory community service? Please be logical.

Smart remarks like we "don't want him driving to help people" are pointless. If you knew the law- his license will be suspended for one year and then reinstated. You can't legally keep him off the road for any longer. Have I already pointed out most of you are worse drivers and more dangerous than him statistically?

Please I want to hear more relevant news. America will fail if we keep concentrating on such silly things. Don't be naive enough to think this story is even remotely important- the news couldn't even claim he's had a previous accident in 40 years of driving. Wake up people.


JonesboroResident05 2 years, 9 months ago on Jonesboro residents support councilman after arrest

To all of you critics- It's not like his supporters are saying his DUI should be erased- he will get the fines and probation like everyone else.

His supporters simply don't want to see the MEDIA ruin a GOOD MANS name all because they want RATINGS, they should be covering more important things!

This isn't a rich crooked politician we are talking about, it's a blue collar community volunteer.

When a tree falls on your house, and Joe Compton shows up with a chainsaw to help, will you turn him away because of his DUI?

A prior charge in 1982 is laughable and happened before half of us were even born- it's not like he's running for president people- he helps the community for free out of kindness and that counts for something.

You could "hit a child tomorrow" just as easily as Joe Compton if you want to start living in hypothetical fairly land. He hit a mailbox, not a child- end of story.

Joe Compton has my vote any day and I hope he doesn't let this ridiculous media coverage get him down.

Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.


JonesboroResident05 3 years, 2 months ago on Jonesboro OKs annexation, funeral home

Sorry the map didnt upload on my previous post, here it is to anyone questioning if these grounds were involved in the Battle of Jonesboro


JonesboroResident05 3 years, 2 months ago on Jonesboro OKs annexation, funeral home

Here is the old county map for anyone interested. It was originally intended to show the location of the Fitzgerald house ( the real Tara ) and happens to have the battle lines.

Also, any way for me to reformat the posts above? Several lines seem to run off the screen.


JonesboroResident05 3 years, 2 months ago on Jonesboro OKs annexation, funeral home

Post #2- Also, I would agree that no heavy fighting happened at this re zoning location because no battle reports mention this southern edge of the battle field- and that's why it's been forgotten! But the map I've found doesn't lie- there were definitely Confederate lines through this location. Furthermore, half a mile west from this zoning location toward Fayettville (down hwy 54), there were Union lines parallel to and facing the Confederate lines. (makes me wonder if at this re zoning location- any considerable skirmish happened that was never reported?)

So the discovery of the undetonated shell by the Huie family makes perfect sense and only makes me further believe this re zoning location was the former location of Confederate defenses. ( heavy fighting? who knows but I doubt it ) Would be neat if a survey of this spot could discover something not present in any battle reports.

I think John Chambers is incorrect about this spot not being a battlefield. The mere fact that I was searching for this spot before I even knew about this zoning issue or the Huie Family discovories, is proof enough in my head of this spot being significant. I knew the spot was out there in the approximate location, and this zoning issue just CONFIRMED it ! !


JonesboroResident05 3 years, 2 months ago on Jonesboro OKs annexation, funeral home

I live less than a mile from this location off of hwy 54 and have recently found an old Clayton County map that indicates Confederate earthworks running north to south through this EXACT location they want to re zone. I've studied the battle of Jonesboro for several years and only recently became aware of this rare map. Furthermore, I have found Creek arrow heads at my house ( under a mile away ) - so the speculation of Creek artifacts at the natural spring- is spot on.

This is a shame, I wonder if John Crane metal detected when he visited. The battlefield wouldn't necessarily stand out- especially if it was used as farm land and the entrenchments have been filled up. I wonder if he is aware of Confederate lines at this location. Most of the common battle maps don't indicate these lines I have found. (everything is further north on the common maps)

From the map I've found I strongly believe this contested area is a 'forgotten' part of the Jonesboro battlefield and I hate to see it disappear. It really is true- every other part of the Battle of Jonesboro has been built on. A Kroger, strip mall, 2 neighborhoods, and a bridge all cover locations where thousands died.

There should definitely be an archaeological survey of this location before it is lost. For the past month I've been looking for the exact location of the confederate lines I found on this old county map and now I've found it at last.... a new construction site lol.