LTB 1 year, 11 months ago on Victor victorious

Apparently, Clayton County feels it is acceptable for their public officials to take vacations and pay their personal expenses on the taxpayer's dime. They would rather "punish" Kem Kimbrough for having to investigate the allegations as a "political" maneuver than to punish Victor for the allegations. I pay sales taxes, property taxes, tag taxes, state and federal taxes. I don't appreciate ANY public official abusing my hard earned tax dollars to pay their personal expenses. If YOU are okay with it, then start writing checks for them out of your own accounts and STOP taking them out of the taxes being paid in this county. And while it isn't over until the fat lady sings, I don't believe for one minute Victor will be convicted because quite frankly, we are too stupid to look at the mountain of evidence and draw the logical conclusion. If Victor was truly remorseful, he'd admit what he has done and find a way to pay back the money he took from this county. Instead, we are going to either have to support him financially with a paycheck as Sheriff or as taxpayers footing the bill for his prison stay. Way to go, Clayton County!