MaryP 3 years ago on BOE candidate arrested on bench warrant

Eagle Eye you must have voted for Victor Hill too. How can you vote for this 22 year old child who was arrested during the middle of his campaign over something he could have taken care of months ago, accused of stealing money from a Clayton County PTA and lied about his occupation. Claims to be a student at Morehouse but they dont have a record of him since 2009. He is just like that other controversial school board member and simply wants to use the board as a platform for attention and drama. Contrary to your belief, this has nothing to do with 'county government trying to hurt our youth.' Our youth need to shape up and realize that lying and shady behavior is not the way you get ahead in life.


MaryP 3 years, 2 months ago on Riverdale to celebrate seafood, beer

This was a great family event with great music and delicious food. It was great not having to leave my own city for such a great event! Cant wait to see what is next. i will be there.