MorrowResident 1 year, 4 months ago on Morrow is not alone: All citizens should demand transparency

This guy never gets the point, ever. He says the most outlandish and crazy things as though he "knows" something. Wake up, stop with this pseudo-intellectual crap. If you knew anything you would realize that the media does not "need to sell papers" or "have trails", this council is providing enough poor behavior to only give THE FACTS!


MorrowResident 1 year, 4 months ago on Morrow weighing public input shake-up

I would say that you are correct in assuming that the City Manager is trying to preside over Council Meetings and other things that he should NOT be doing. This guy cannot see how he comes across. He is meeting with people trying to get them to run for council. He was surprised when the Mayor stood up to him and holds him accountable. That Economic Developer guy is always in the background.


MorrowResident 1 year, 4 months ago on Morrow pays lawyers almost $12,500

They keep saying they did not break the Sunshine Laws, but they did. No matter how many times they claim that they did not, they did break the law. They consulted the other attorney because the city attorney would have told them they were breaking the law. They did not consult an attorney until AFTER they had broken then law. Then they have the nerve to say that it would have been the same amount of consultation fee if they had consulted the city attorney, lies and more lies. Check up on this crap people.

You have this Datar character stand up and say the News Daily wants to "sell papers", this guy never seems to fully understand anything. Anyone remember the half cocked comments he wrote when he ran for mayor, I do and he never gets the issue at hand. He said that there WERE minutes taken, but their own 3400.00 attorney said at the meeting that " he could not say what went on in the closed door meeting because there were NO MINUTES TAKEN". Now they may have re-created some by now after being caught, but they could not produce them that night, we all heard the 3400.00 attorney say this. Jeff Eady realized he could not bully the mayor and now is trying to work against him. Bad and expensive decisions this staff and council is guilty of making.

This all due to the mayor requiring people to be held accountable. The staff needs to be held accountable. That finance presentation each meeting is only what they want you to know. The mayor knows how to read a financial statement and he blows the whistle on some of this, it is time to muddy the waters and focus on the mayor "hurting feelings"


MorrowResident 1 year, 5 months ago on Morrow mayor facing punishment for criticisms

The code specifically states that the exemption to the open meeting act that permits executive session, or closed door meetings, does not apply to “the receipt of evidence or when hearing argument on personnel matters, including whether to impose disciplinary action or dismiss a public officer or employee or when considering or discussing matters of policy regarding the employment or hiring practices of the agency.”

Again, the staff places the city in jeopardy of huge legal fees. Everyone needs to become involved in our city government. It was this guy (the Mayor) the as a citizen uncovered all of the junk that has cost us millions in fees, debt and attorneys.


MorrowResident 1 year, 5 months ago on Morrow mayor facing punishment for criticisms

I do not know the Mayor personally but I do know that he runs large hotels and convention centers . I would imagine that he would answer to investors and to guests on a daily basis? My wife heard him mention that he performed impact studies for Hilton. The other council members, have any of them ever been responsible for a payroll, impact studies, investors. I will answer that, no.

There are several other major issues that the Mayor needs to uncover and make public. I imagine he has had the staff digging in their heels when he tries to get the truth. My wife volunteers with events and areas in the city and she has heard that there are over 100 THOUSAND dollars in uncollected hotel taxes and the Mayor mentioned this months ago, we still have not heard anything about this in a council meeting?

Yeah so the Mayor is more dramatic and outspoken than we are used to. This is exactly what we need! Someone who will speak the TRUTH and have the elected officials HOLD THE STAFF ACCOUNTABLE, even if they don't like it. If my memory is right, only two of the council were actually elected. The other two were appointed and never really elected by the people of Morrow. They simply ran unopposed. The female is obviously with the City Manager, we see her look at him during council meetings and then at times roll her eyes. Complete disrespect that is blatant. It is like we are in the same boat as we had with Lample.

Note to the Mayor: Keep fighting, we need change and get an attorney. We the people who keep up with what is going on, KNOW that you are doing the right things. I would say tone down the dramatics but (this ridiculous complaint), you might be right on target.


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So let me get this into perspective.

The Mayor has concerns he addresses them with the City Manager, who does nothing but send angry, poorly written letters to the press The City Manager talks constantly about being "transparent" but is in cahoots with the "Economic Developer" and only is "transparent" when convenient and what he deems "transparent".

The Economic Developer is pulling down 130 THOUSAND dollars plus another 20 THOUSAND dollars in car allowances, insurances. Has an assistant who pulls down 65 THOUSAND plus another 10 THOUSAND + in perks and is up for a raise to 80 THOUSAND. A TOTAL OF 210 THOUSAND just in salaries for this department and THAT FIGURE IS LOW. This figure does NOT include car allowances, and the other items mentioned above.

The Economic Developer has proven to be condescending and rude to potential business owners as well as present business owners. Claims to be very busy handling permits, yet businesses do not seem to be opening. When one opens, they mysteriously close after a few weeks. This has happened numerous times in the past two years (the length of time the Economic Developer has been with the City of Morrow according to my memory, it may be longer.).

The Economic Development department is to oversee the maintenance on the numerous city owned properties. This paper recently uncovered the lack of maintenance at Old Town Morrow and the Economic Developer was quoted as saying that the damage from vandalism and theft was less than $500.00. What about the two commercial( tax payer owned) air conditioning units that were taken from this location? I know that two commercial air units are significantly more than 500.00. One of the city employees told me that this happened within the past year. News Daily was once again given only the information that Eady and McLaughlin thought they needed.

Try calling City Hall and getting the phone answered. Try calling Eady or McLaughlin and getting through to them. I thought they said at the council meeting that they have a new telephone system?

So the Mayor blows the whistle on this mess and then all of a sudden, we have a complaint filed against the Mayor? So what if the Mayor did it publicly? He has said, publicly, all along that he was going to LISTEN to the people and be OPEN to the people. Neither Eady or McLaughlin live in the city so they are not his constituents, That is right, you read it, I just learned that neither of them live in the city. That explains a lot to me right there, neither of them live here.

My neighbor tells me that she has heard the Mayor on several occasions try and offer suggestions for development and they have always been labeled as "crazy" or " we need to reel that Mayor in".


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Hands down, one of the best events on the southside. It is always well produced and presented. This year was great. Someone put a good deal of thought and work behind this event. Finally something with some "class".


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This woman is the epitome of what is wrong in Clayton County. Truly arrogant and with nothing to offer but an allegiance to Wade Starr. Vote her out, Just as we did with Wole Ralph, Vote her Out!


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Morrow has many really good things going on.

Oh and OscarKnight, Welcome "matte". I believe you mean "mat" . For years I have seen this mysterious buffoon "just speak his mind", almost every time there is some really bad usage or grammatical error. You really come across as as well, not as smart as you think.