SamCasey 1 year, 6 months ago on Clayton County loses beloved historian

I remember his lesson on the Ga. Islands. He wore a monks robe and carried a candle into the room with all the lights off and the windows blocked. He taught us about how the Coosa River got it's name. I still share that story with people to this day. A month ago as a matter of fact. I remember helping with the Native American Village at Stately Oaks. Building the mud huts and clearing the land for the project. I spent countless hours just listning to his stories and still wanting more.I even took my son to the plantation to meet the man whom told me the stories I have shared with him. Mr. Kay was the reason I got into re-enacting and devoted the past 18 years of my live perserving all the things that has made us who we are. Keeping events from 100's of years ago fresh in the minds of others and sharing the lessons learned. Having Judy also as my Government teacher was a real treat. A truely blessed man and a vital loss to the community. RIP Mr. Key.